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 | Post date: 2023/02/12 | 
Golestan province, located in the north of Iran, with a population of about two million people, is one of the high-risk areas of the world in terms of gastrointestinal cancers, especially esophageal and stomach cancer, and is located on the global belt of these cancers. Considering this issue and the importance of cancers and other gastrointestinal diseases in Golestan province, the Golestan Gastrointestinal and Liver Research Center was launched in 2004 at Golestan University of Medical Sciences. In 2006, this center managed to get the approval in principle from the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, and in 2008, it also managed to get the definitive approval from the Ministry. The purpose of setting up this center was to take effective steps to plan to control these diseases and improve the level of health in the society, especially in the province, by conducting research and applied research and producing valid scientific evidence in the field of cancers and other diseases of the digestive system. Let's take Golestan.Among the prominent research activities of this center, we can mention the Golestan Cancer Registry Project, the Golestan Cohort Project, the Golestan Cancer Biobank Project, the Celiac Patient Bank Project, and the IBD Patient Bank Project.
This center invites interested researchers in the field of research related to cancer and common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to collaborate in research projects. For more information, those interested can refer to the center's website or write to