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When to apply?
 -Any time before September (for first semester)
 -before February (for second semester)

How to apply?
Send the requirement to this Address

What will happen after I submit my application?
 It will be brought to Admission committee to evaluate you marks & your knowledge, if approved will be given Admission For those PhD, MSc & Medical specialties need interview personally also.

What are the requirements for admission?
1 – Copy of Passport 2 – request letter for admission 3 – Transcript of record in English (secondary school, BS., MSc. or MD.) Authenticated by Iranian Embassy.

Who is eligible to apply?
Anybody who is seeking for farther education and medical knowledge.
How much is the tuition fee?
MD. 6000$, MSc. 4000$, PhD. & specialty 5000$   BS. 3000$ annually.
How and when should I pay tuition fee?
Direct cash to International accountant. A part at the time of given admission letter and the other part at the time of Enrolment. Fees for admission letter MD., BS, MSc. 500$-- PhD & Medical specialties 1000 US$