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Vission and mission

We decided to Reach the top position in the education of educated and progressive human capital, development of research and new technologies in medical sciences, provision of standard health services and creation of knowledge-based wealth until 1404 in the country.
  • Mission : Ensuring, maintaining and promoting community health at the national and international levels by establishing standards of excellence in line with institutionalized moral values using "capable human capital" and "advanced technology" through resource management in: - Training the human resources of the health system based on responsible training , Development of basic, applied and developmental research , Providing community based health services with the aim of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation
  • Vission: Golestan University of Medical Sciences, in providing all its educational, research, health, medical, administrative and financial services, adherence to the following principles and values:
  1. Preserving religious, moral, doctrinal and cultural values and principles
  2. Preserving human dignity in the health system
  3. Central justice
  4. Strategic leadership with respect to the principles of human investment
  5. Innovation and entrepreneurship
  6. Advances and commitment in continuously improving the quality of services in accordance with scientific and up-to-date knowledge, relying on new technologies with an emphasis on knowledge-based and knowledge management.
  7. Participatory decision making
  8. Maintaining social responsibility by applying knowledge management and maintaining its trustworthiness for future generations
  9. Maintaining the principles of environmental protection