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GOUMS Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Prospective Undergraduate students arriving at GOUMS embark upon launching their own unique university life by setting out to accomplish their academic aspirations. Therefore, we encourage all medical students, who meet our stipulations, to apply at GOUMS. However, before completion of the online application forms, make sure that you meet all prerequisites and hold the necessary documents requested, as later on. Applicants of undergraduate status must meet the list of specified requirements mentioned to the program they are applying for. Applications are accepted from graduates of accredited high schools or colleges/universities. Oral and written proficiency in English covers a portion of the entry requirements for GOUMS. Applicants who have obtained extraordinary marks in Biology, Chemistry (General, Inorganic, and Organic), and Physics in high school hold preference over other applicants. Applicants are required to be not more than 35 years of age or older during the application year. The listings below outline the required documents for undergraduate applications to GOUMS:
  1. Satisfactory academic record: applicants must obtain official records of their transcripts from attended institutions. There is no minimum GPA (grade point average) required to secure admission to an undergraduate program; however, competitive applicants must have a GPA of 3.00 or higher.
  2. Secondary school diploma or an equivalent certificate
  • Important Notice: Applicants are required to submit a certified copy of their School Departure Certificate from an accredited high school/senior secondary school and an official report listing all courses they have passed and achieved grades. *Please note that the school reports should include all the graded results you have acquired during your studies.
  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV): this includes your personal information, your educational background, and your work experience.
  2. Cover Letter: This letter indicates which program you are applying for.
  3. Scanned copy of the main page of your passport in high quality, it can be submitted using any graphics format (PDF, JPEG, and PNG)
  4. Passport size photos.
Language requirements 

English Language Requirements:
  1. The Student Should be able to Speak & Write English.
  • NOTE: The following individuals may be waived from providing a certificate of English language proficiency; but, in some cases, they might be required to undergo a language placement test based upon the decision of GOUMS English Language Department, and based on the decision of GOUMS Office of International Admissions for international students.
  1. Applicants from native English speaking countries
  2. Applicants from countries where English is the official language
  3. Applicants who have obtained full-time instruction in the medium of the English language in the two most recent years, and ones who remain in a full-time education environment conducted in the English language until the end of the school year in their home country (an official certificate must be submitted).
  • NOTE: Candidates who fail to meet the minimum language requirements are permitted to apply to GOUMS. In the case they are admitted to GOUMS, they will have to take an English language placement test, upon their arrival, for assessment of their ability to speak and read in English. If the applicant’s English language proficiency does not meet GOUMS minimum requirements, she/he is required to pass English language classes for at least two semesters--before the program or during the program. --This decision will be based on the GOUMS English Language Department evaluation and placement test and based further on the decision of the GOUMS Office of International Admissions for international students. English Language Classes (for a total of 120 hours) cost $3000.00 this fee is completely separate from the cost of tuition fees. If 120 hours are not sufficient enough to pass GOUMS' minimum language requirements, students are obligated to attend English courses for another semester. By the finish date of the second semester, if the student still does not succeed in passing GOUMS minimum language requirements, she/he will be denied admission to the offered program.
Persian Language Requirements
It is not imperative for prospective international students of M.D., DDM Programs to provide proof of Persian language proficiency to enter their desired program. Nonetheless, since communicating with local patients (in Persian) is an integral part of clinical practice, students of M.D., DDM Programs must master Persian language skills: this includes speaking, writing, and reading during the basic science stage. Thus, our international programs merge English and Persian as their language of instruction; yet, all references and exams will be in English. Students admitted to the above program will be evaluated via a Persian placement test, administered by GOUMS Persian Language Center upon arrival. Persian language training will be provided to students required to take Persian language courses during the program and at the beginning of the first semester.
The primary language of instruction for international M.D., DDM Programs at GOUMS is English. Courses are administered in English throughout the pre-clinical phase. During the transitional phase from preclinical to clinical, a Persian proficiency test will be conducted to evaluate the students’ Persian language skills: At this point, students are required to grasp an adequate amount of Persian because interacting with local patients in the Persian language is essential.
  • Important Note: only those students who are eligible to take the Persian Language proficiency test, before the clinical phase, have participated, fully, in the Persian Language classes, passed the courses, and received written permission from the GOUMS Languages Center.
Minimum requirements of the Persian language for admission to other undergraduate programs can vary depending on the intended program; each candidate will be informed of the language competence required via e-mail. Iranian citizens and Iranian applicants who hold dual citizenship cannot apply to the GOUMS International Education Program (IEP); they must take the National Entrance Examination (Konkur).
Each academic year comprises two semesters and a summer break. Fall and winter semesters are in effect at the start of September and February, respectively.
Single undergraduate students will be accommodated with fully furnished dormitory rooms and apartments, provided by GOUMS; living quarters include Wi-Fi internet, utilities, TV, etc.
All documents must be submitted in either Persian or English. Documents in any language other than Persian or English must be translated into English first.
Only applications with high school documents will be considered for undergraduate applications. For applicants who have already obtained an academic degree and intend to apply for an undergraduate program, they must submit their high school diplomas and transcripts. Applications accompanied by university documents that neglect to attach high school records will be ignored.
A-required documents for graduate students' registration
Golestan University of Medical Sciences' prospective postgraduate students may aspire to expand their academic knowledge and become respected professional leaders; therefore, we urge all applicants to apply to GOUMS. Before filling out the online application, please ensure that you exhibit all prerequisites and have the necessary documents. As a graduate applicant, certain requirements should be met depending on the program that you are applying for. The list below specifies the required documents needed for a GOUMS' graduate application.
A satisfactory academic record
All applicants are required to obtain a transcription of record from the institution they attended. There is no minimum required GPA to secure admission to a graduate program. It is, however, preferred that applicants have a 3.0 GPA or higher.
Graduation Degrees and Certificates: 
  1. B.Sc. and secondary school or equivalent certificates for the applicants of M.Sc. degree
  2. M.Sc. and B.Sc. or equivalent certificates for the applicants of Ph.D. degree
  3. M.B.B.S. /M.D. or equivalent certificates for the applicants of Specialty Programs
  4. M.B.B.S. /M.D. and specialty or equivalent certificates for Subspecialty or Fellowship Programs
  5. Certificate of Internship or Certificate of Practice for the applicants of Specialty, Subspecialty, and Fellowship degrees
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
This includes your personal information, educational background, and work experience.
Cover Letter:
A cover letter demonstrates which program you are interested in applying for.
Two letters of recommendation
A scanned copy of your passport main page; which must be of high quality and can be in any of the following graphics formats (PDF, JPEG, and PNG)
6 Passport-size photos.
Language requirements: Proof of English Proficiency on the TOEFL or IELTS tests. The minimum score for TOEFL PBT, TOEFL iBT, and IELTS is 533, 72, and 5.5 respectively.
Note 1 : Applicants who fail to meet the minimum language requirements are allowed to apply as well. In case they are admitted to GOUMS, they will undergo a language placement test upon their arrival for assessment of their ability to speak and read both English and Persian. Then, they should attend language courses based on their level of performance on the test. They will be given the chance to present their TOEFL or IELTS test scores during one year.
Note 2 : Applicants from Persian (Farsi) speaking countries (they should be capable of both speaking and writing in Persian) who have applied for graduate degree-based programs may be exempt, based on the department's decision, by submitting any available certificates regarding their English Language Proficiency. Notwithstanding, they are required to hand in their English language certificate, which meets GOUMS’ minimal language proficiency requirements, within one year from the commencement of their studies at GOUMS.
Iranian citizens and Iranian applicants who hold dual citizenship cannot apply to GOUMS International Education Program (IEP). They must participate in the National Entrance Examination (Konkur).
Each academic year consists of 2 semesters and a summer break; fall and winter semesters begin in September and February respectively.
Single undergraduate students are provided by GUOMS with dormitory rooms and apartments, which are furnished and include Wi-Fi, utilities, TV, etc.