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Registration to GOUMS
A-required documents for undergraduate students' registration:
Students are required to bring the documents listed below, in addition to their payment of the tuition fee upon arrival in Gorgan, so that personnel at GOUMS can register them for the orientation program. *Important NoticeYour documents must be translated into English and certified by the Iranian Embassy or Consulate in your Country.
I. High-school diploma (translated into English and  by the Iranian Consulate/Embassy)
II. High-school  transcripts of  record (translated into English and authentic-cated by the Iranian Consulate/Embassy)
III. Passport and the copy of its main pages of identification
IV.  6 Passport Photos 
*Important: Please note that all your documents must be certified (signed and approved) by:
  • The institute which had issued the degree
  • The Ministry of Education of your country
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country
  • Iranian Consulate/Embassy in your country for authentication of  your Document
Please keep in mind that all documents should be original, or the copies must be proven and identified as "Orginal" in the same format as the original documents. For documents that are not in English or Persian, an official English translation approved by a notary public should be attached to the original documents.