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Short-Term Training Courses 

Here, at GOUMS, several short-term programs are available for the participation of international students. Short-term programs usually range anywhere from 1 week to 6 months or more, but they are often less than one year. Typically, these courses are available year-round, led by various members of the faculty within GOUMS’ departments. Having gained years of experience in hosting international scholars, GOUMS' professionals can assist you towards making the most of your limited time in Iran; they are committed to enlightening you on your area of study in a whole new way. Shorter-term prospects are sometimes just what you need to enhance your medical skills or to gain a prompt response for a particular job vacancy.
International students are provided with the unique opportunity to experience up-to-date theoretical and pragmatic instructions via short-term training programs offered by GOUMS; thus, giving students the expertise required for a specific field based on their intended area of interest. Short-term programs can range anywhere from 1 week to 3 months or more, but they are often less than a full semester. Generally, they are offered all year-round and administered by different personnel and departments at GOUMS.
GOUMS provides students with an exceptional opportunity of receiving Individual tutoring sessions. Moreover, it offers prospective international applicants Group Teaching Sessions, which include the individuals, universities, educational and research centers, in addition to governmental and non-governmental institutions.
The following table presents a comprehensive list of short-term training programs offered by the university. Additionally, it is consistently updated to fulfill the university’s policy, as well as the applicants’ requisite programs. Upon the appeal of candidates, GOUMS has also proposed plans that tailor to short-term training programs, meeting the applicants’ requirements and desired objectives, provided that the proposed programs comply with the university’s capacities. Hence, individuals and institutions can propose alternative short-term training programs based on their set of objectives or fields of interest. The proposed program(s), accordingly, is expected to be submitted by the applicants here.
Furthermore, GOUMS will grant participants a Certificate of Completion, after they have successfully passed all the requirements of their short-term program(s). It is worth mentioning that the programs are short-term, non-degree based training program types; therefore, the Certificate of Completion cannot be used in lieu of a University degree. 
The following table features a list of GOUMS' Short-Term Training Programs:
Short-Term Training Programs
Programs Duration(month)
Tuition fee (U.S dollar)
Breast Surgery
1-3 Determined by the Department
1-3 Determined by the Department
1-3 Determined by the Department
Endoscopy / Colonoscopy
1-3 Determined by the Department
1-3 Determined by the Department
Thyroid FNA
1-3 Determined by the Department
Osteeporosis Treatment  and Prevention 1-3 Determined by the Department
Tissue Engineering
1-3 Determined by the Department