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Advanced Technology in Medicine

The faculty of Advanced Medical Technologies (SAMT) was established in 2010, considering the importance of modern technologies in the 20-year vision document of the country. The practical steps of SAMT establishment initiated with the assistance of faculty members of the School of Medicine and the cooperation of the University's deputy of education as well as the valuable support of the Minister of the Health in February 2009, when the first students of the Molecular Medicine Ph.D. program were admitted.
In September 2009, students of the HumanGenetics Master’s program were hired.  In January 2010, when the Ministry of Health approved the admission license of the Medical Biotechnology Master’s program, SAMT officially began working. The new school includes three educational groups, Molecular Medicine, Human Genetics, and Medical Biotechnologies. Now a day, the School of Advanced Medical Technologies has graduated dozens of master andPh.D. students and contributes to several graduate program research projects. This school benefits more than 20 faculty members and 25 research scientists in 6 laboratories and one research center facilities.

Dean of school: Dr.masoud gholalipour

Molecular Medicine
Medical Biotechnology
Medical Genetics

Program name M.D B.S.C M.S.C PH.D
Human Genetics     *  
Medical Biotechnology     *  
Molecular Medicine       *
Medical Biotechnology       *

1)Zahra Bazi
2)Vahid Erfanimoghaddam
3)Touraj Farazmandfar
4)Masoud Golalipour
5)Siamak Javani
6)MohammadReza Kalani
7)Bibisafoura hajeniazi
8)Ayyoob Khosravi
9)Anvarsadat Kianmehr
10)Morteza Oladenabidozin
11)Morteza Okhovat
12)AliAkbar SaffarMoghadam
13)NaderMansour Samaei
14)Mehdi SheikhArabi
15)Fatemeh TashShamsabadi

Tell: 01732451563-4
Email: m.golalipour gu.ac.ir
First name : Dr. Ayoub
Last name: : khosravia
Phone number: 01732450995
Fax: 01732451564
Research staff:
First name : Dr. Ayoub
Last name: khosravia
Phone number: 01732450995

International staff: First name :
Last namr: Dr S.A. Taheri
Phone number: 01732451653