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Midwifery Duties

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Improving the health of mothers and newborns, reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, Improve the quality of obstetric care in the province.

Specific objectives:
1-Establishment and implementation of the principles and practices Mother Friendly Hospitals
2- Establishment and implementation of perinatal services
3-Reducing maternal mortality
4-Establishment and implementation of programs aimed at reducing maternal mortality in specific subgroups of gynecology, anesthesiology, internal medicine, cardiology, surgery and hematology
5- Reduce the morbidity associated with pregnancy and childbirth
6- Modifying and adjusting the cesarean rate in the province
7- Promote safe natural delivery and ways to reduce labor pain
8- Expanding breastfeeding (Baby Friendly Hospitals)
9- Promotion of knowledge and skills of midwifery personnel
10- Enhancing job satisfaction of midwifery staff
11- Establishment and implementation of healthy baby national plan
12-Establishment and implementation of neonatal resuscitation program
13- Establishment and implementation of clinical governance in hospital
14- Design and implementation of research projects on maternal and neonatal health
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