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Expert responsibilities

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Responsibilities of the expert of nursing office in health Department

1- Estimate the required force for hospitals based on existing standards in order to achieve the desired status to enhance the quality and quantity of care to patients

2-    Monitor the proper distribution of nurses in wards to provide safe and effective care to patients

3- Reviewing committees on personnel, evaluation, infection control and disaster and providing proper feedback to the committees' managers

4- Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the quality of nursing services to patients

5- Research Needs Assessment and implementation of nursing research in hospitals and subordinate units to provide evidence-based care.

6- Implementation of the required training to managers, Educational and clinical supervisors and other nursing personnel

7- Participating in the evaluation team of hospitals and completion of the lists to determine the level of provided services

8- Handling technical and administrative complaints of nurses in order to gain their satisfaction and consequently increasing client satisfaction

9- Holding workshops and seminars to promote knowledge and awareness of nurses and using new caring methods for patients
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