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September 20, 2017 -

Pharmacology &toxicology

./files/med/files/english_cv/Mozafari_Omid_ECV.doc. (function($) { $('head').append(''); })(jQuery);(function($) {$(function() {$("#ad-gallery_cke_py6bi8mr_slideShow").on("click",".ad-image",function(){var imgObj =$(this).find("img");var isrc=imgObj.attr("src");var ititle=null;var idesc=null;var iname=isrc.split('/');iname=iname[iname.length-1];var imgdescid=$(this).find(".ad-image-description");if(imgdescid){ititle=$(this).find(".ad-description-title");if(ititle)ititle=ititle.text();if(ititle!='')ititle=''+ititle+'';idesc=$(this).find("span");if(idesc)idesc=idesc.text();if(idesc!=''){if(ititle!='')ititle=ititle+'';idesc=''+idesc+'';}}$.fancybox.open({href:isrc,beforeLoad:function(){this.title=ititle+idesc;},});});});})(jQuery);(function($) { $('head').append(''); })(jQuery);(function($) {$(function() { var galleries = $('#ad-gallery_cke_py6bi8mr_slideShow').adGallery({loader_image: '/ckedit/plugins/slideshow/3rdParty/ad-gallery/loader.gif', width:false, height:300, start_at_index: 0, animation_speed: 500, hooks: { displayDescription: function(image) {}}, update_window_hash: false, effect: 'resize', slideshow: { enable: true, autostart: true, start_label: 'Start', stop_label: 'Stop', speed: 5000}});});})(jQuery); . About The  Department of Pharmacology &toxicology The Department of Pharmacology &toxicology was founded in 2009 and is benefiting from the presence of 4 full-time academic staff members.The Department of the Pharmacology &toxicology is considered as one the most active educational and research departments in the faculty.  The main assignment of this department is research and education in the field of   Pharmacology and Toxicology. It has got some research laboratories, in which several kinds of projects are performed, The research projects   include ischemic disorders, Langendorff heart model, ,analytical techniques  , Studying the chemical agent toxic effects on live cells at tissue and cell levels, Studying the effects of drugs and toxins on soft tissues; 3D-Culture System for Heart Regeneration, The academic members of this department place high priority on the teaching and research training of students at MSc and MD. . Photo Name Current position Degree E-mail CV 1 Vahid khoori professor Pharm.D, PhD in pharmacology Vaph99@ Yahoo.com 2 Hossein Amini Associate Professor Pharm.D, PhD in pharmacology haminhplc@yahoo.com 3 Shohreh Taziki Assistant Professor Pharm.D, PhD in Toxicology Dr_sh_taziki@yahoo.com 4 Akhtar seifi Instructor Pharm.D Aseifi20@yahoo.com  

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