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1.   The Amazingly Hospitable Iran:
One reason individuals from all over the world are attracted to Iran has everything to do with the overall attitude of the native people. Iranians are esteemed as warm and welcoming individuals: their hospitality, known as “Ta’arof” is noted by many famous and everyday travelers to the country. This impressive quality, shared by most Iranians, stems from a humanistic desire to put the needs of others’ first, instilling visitors with a recollection of Iran as “a safe haven for travelers.”
2. Persian History and Culture:
Iran is one of the globe's most vibrant and seemingly infinite hubs vis-à-vis art, architecture,  science, and literature. Invigorated by various academies and ideologies: artists, architects, intellectuals, and literary figures, alike, have shaped Iran into the extraordinary melting pot of creativity and ingenuity it represents today.

Iranian artist from various realms -- from visual to applied, to performing arts -- pursue their disciplines while maintaining numerous exhibitions and performances in major Iranian cities and throughout the world. Medical doctors, researchers, and professionals have also made their mark on Iranian history and the contemporary world.

Now, when considering Iranian literature, it can be reasonably stated that the history of Iran somehow equals that of its literary traditions. Throughout time, numerous Iranian poets, writers, and literary critics with global fame have come and gone, leaving behind their footprints in the sands of time.
3. Delicious foods are everywhere:
Traditional Iranian foods are deliciously distinct: they can range from various types of healthy stews -- like “Gorme Sabze”-- to different types of roasted meats and kebabs; fried and baked dishes are abundant in Iran too. Numerous soups to an assortment of salads will fill up the tummies of those with a vegan appetite. And let’s not forget about those with a sweet tooth! --Dessert and confectionary shops are found on every street corner in Iran. You know what makes eating in Iran so difficult at times? You will have a never-ending amount of mouthwatering dishes to choose from!

No matter what your dining out plans include, enjoying an afternoon with your friends or simply engaging in some quality “me-time,” there are numerous cafés, coffee and tea houses all over bustling cities of Iran. Oh, and there is plenty of saffron to go around! Enjoy amusing conversations with your friends while sinking your spoon into a bowl of all the amazing flavors that one ice cream shop has to offer; or, sip on a warm and relaxing cup of coffee, tucked away from the rest of the world when studying for your next exam at GOUMS.
Acquiring a taste for Persian flavors and cuisines is a delightful experience that will keep you coming back for more.

 4. Numerous Tourist Attractions:
Ranked as Asia’s fourth-largest country for housing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Iran is undeniably a remarkable hub of human civilization and Mother Nature’s phenomenal attributes.
Iran contains many historical sites and tourist attractions throughout its various provinces. Moreover, there are numerous natural touristy sites in the country, like Badab-e Surt in Mazandaran; Dasht-e Lut, a large salt desert located in the provinces of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan (inscribed in UNESCO's World Heritage List on July 17, 2016); Mount Damavand, a strata-volcano which is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia; and the Ali Sadr Cave, the world's largest water cave, attracting thousands of visitors every year: Ali Sadr Cave is located in Ali Sadr Kabudarahang County about 100 kilometers north of Hamadan.

Embracing Iranian lifestyle is unquestionably a stimulating prospect to cherish throughout ones’ lifetime. Most importantly is that students leave Iran acquiring a greater global perspective. Studying at GOUMS gives one the chance to live and breathe some of the finest and most diverse traditions with ease. There is no doubt, living in Iran is an adventure that one can carry with them throughout their life, and anywhere they go.

 5. Safe and Peaceful Social Atmospheres:
Often travelers, especially women, ask: how safe is Iran? Iran has been noted as one of the safest countries to travel in by foreign travelers and writers. It also has one of the most peaceful and progressive environments of the Middle-East. Additionally, Iran is without conflict--for many years now. Furthermore, the unwavering presence of friendly folks and people-oriented police [men and women] makes way for a safe and secure environment for all.

And if you are ever in a rut, you will find that the people of Iran are friendly and always willing to play the part of a good Samaritan.  Perhaps you worry because you cannot speak Farsi, that's okay, Iranians will even try to communicate with you in spite of language barriers. You will notice that, throughout Iran, there are many public and safe areas where people of all ages can immerse themselves in Iran’s social climate of religious ceremonies, beautiful shrines, concerts, cafes, galleries, and parks. Iran truly has it all, and everyone does their best to make Iran a safe place for foreigners, especially for women.

 6. First-rate, Up-to-Date Education:
Education is of extreme importance to Iranians; hence, they are always searching for ways to renew their educational system and think out-of-the-box to stay up to par with competitive international education systems. There are many accredited institutions all throughout Iran, at different levels, and universities are no exception to the rule. One of the chief objectives for those involved with the system of Iranian higher education is to develop internationally and provide students with a superior education that will grant them a successful future.


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