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GOUMS Disciplinary Rules and Regulations for the Students:
  > The students should respect to university's rules and follow it.
  > The following is a list of disciplinary rules and regulations, designed to protect the students’ rights.
  > Students should not act in a manner that constitutes or appears to constitute contempt for the University.
  > Students should not conduct themselves, whether within or outside the University, in any manner which is detrimental or prejudicial to the interest, well-being, or good name of the University, its students, staff, officers, or employees.
  > Students should comply with the written laws and regulations, whether within or outside the University.
  > Any student who is found to be in a state of intoxication under the influence of liquor including, but not limited to, any substance that may cause intoxication, within or outside the University, will be guilty of a disciplinary offense.
  > No student should, within or outside the University, have in his/her possession any article, which is considered as obscene or pornographic under the Islamic moral, norms and values.
  > The distribution, circulation or exhibitions of any obscene item within the University is considered illegal.
  > Students are not allowed to keep or carry liquor, dangerous drugs or poisonous substances with them on or off campus.
  > Any student who is found to be under the influence of any dangerous drugs or poison will be guilty of a disciplinary offense.
  > Smoking within the University is forbidden.
  > Students may adopt the Islamic dress, if they so desire. Otherwise, they should dress in accordance with the University Dress Code.
  > Students are required to comply with University rules and regulations and shall not act in a way that may be interpreted as disrespectful to Islam or the Islamic University.
  > Male and female students should, at all times, practice the policies of modesty, respectable interaction and proper decorum in public places, during meetings, sporting and cultural activities, gatherings, or when dealing with each other so as to avoid forms of suspicion or misunderstanding.
  > Married students should inform the University authorities with the fact of being married in written form, and they should not publicly behave between themselves in a manner that would create suspicion or misperception on the part of the public.
  > National dresses/attires may be worn provided that they do not violate or infringe upon the University’s requirements and Islamic values and norms.
  > For females: sarongs and skirts without slits may be worn if they are loose, and they must be long enough to reach and cover the ankles. Skirts that are tight or do not cover the ankles are not allowed.
  > Pants should not be tight fitting or figure-hugging; they should be loose and cover the ankles.
  > Pants should be worn only with a long, loose upper-dress, covering the hip area. The upper-dress [manto or the like] should not have long slits or side openings, which reveal the hip or thigh area.
  > A loose-fitting blouse and upper dress may be worn provided they have long sleeves reaching the wrists and covering the hips as well.
  > The head-cover [veil, hijab, or scarf] should properly cover the head and should not reveal the hair, neck, chest, and shoulders.
  > Footwear should cover the feet, and the heels of the footwear should not be excessively high.
  > Slippers, non-strap sandals, round neck T-shirts, tight-fitting trousers or pants should not be worn by students during lectures, tutorials, official University functions, and other formal activities, as well as within the proximity of GOUMS administrative and faculty buildings and centers.
  > Shirts and collared T-shirts are allowed when attending classes; however, the shirts and collared T-shirts should be tucked into the trousers at all times.

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