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Dining at GOUMS
A small courtesy meal plan is available to international students at GOUMS. The plan requires that ONLY lunch is served at a reduced rate. Students are obliged to pay full dining fees for both breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be served at University restaurants or cafeterias during workdays -- Saturday to Wednesday -- holidays not included. Do not get upset when the holidays and weekends do arrive: dormitories provided by GOUMS have well-equipped kitchens so you can cook whenever. If you are swamped with studies and have no time to cook, call one of the local restaurants providing delivery services; they will deliver food right to you.

Options are also available for those who enjoy dining out. A variety of restaurants and fast food diners are scattered all over the city. In Gorgan, alone, you can experience a wide assortment of favorable foods, ranging from traditional Persian dishes to fast foods and pizzerias; Gorgan has it all.
If you're craving a healthy snack, a cup of coffee, or herbal tea, try a local coffee shop or teahouse. When you have no time to sit back for a cup of coffee, and you need emergency snacks or drinks during a stimulating exam week, drop by a snack pavilion or a smoothie stand for some quick nourishment.

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