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A brief overview of “The University City” and its many great aspects
Gorgan, the soul of Golestan Province, in Iran, is quite unique in comparison to all other cities. Unlike many Iranian cities, Gorgan is a thriving hub of versatility and knowledge. These qualities, including Gorgan's surroundings, make it one of the best atmospheres for thriving universities, not to mention the many eclectic aspects that this region has to offer. For instance, the natural and ethnic diversity of the region, Gorgan’s rich history and culture, and, of course, the shops and various other features make it a versatile and growing community.

Gorgan University of Medical Sciences
As stated, Gorgan is a University City and home to several life-saving institutions. The most well-known is Sayyad Shirazi Hospital, whitch overlooks a informal, picturesque view of mountains and forests. It has of the most advanced facilities in Gorgan for medical treatment, surgery, and medical education. Sayyad Shirazi, like Azar and Talghani – the other major teaching hospitals in Gorgan -- is a structure built in an area of approximately 25,000 meters. Tourists from all over the world have stayed in this hospital for different medical purpose.

Gorgan: A Nature-rich city
Nobody can deny that one of the stand-out features of Gorgan is the surrounding natural beauty. Gorgan’s natural splendors can be seen and felt all over the city extending to many miles into neighboring villages and cities.

The natural scene in Gorgan, first and foremost, is eye-catching. From its mountainous terrains in touristy areas like Nahar Khoran, Alangdarre, and Ziarat mountains--these mountains are extensions of the famous Alborz mountain chain, which appeals to hikers, climbers, nature lovers, and tourists--to its rivers, waterfalls, and lakes: like the Caspian Sea which forms a crescent-like shape while encompassing the region.

Golestan History
Ancient monuments are plentiful in Gorgan and the surrounding areas, an aspect that makes it suitable for those interested in history. For example, Gonbad-e Qabus tower  built with precise golden ratio measurements exhibits the historical achievements of Persian architecture in almost 1,000 years ago.
Recent discoveries like the “Red Snake” or “Wall of Gorgan,” is the second largest fortress after the Great Wall of China, possibly greater. The Wall of Gorgan is one of Iran’s latest historical discoveries and marvels.

Culture & Traditions
Yearly exhibitions bring out the culture and traditions of Iranians in Gorgan, with Turkman, Sistani, and Baluchistan ethnic backgrounds.
Due to its ethnic diversity, the people of Gorgan are more tolerant of people from other races and cultural backgrounds. A wonderful thing to see is that people from all walks of life come together on many occasions, especially for the city’s seasonal exhibitions and cultural events!

Food and Shopping
It’s not hard to find delicious fresh foods in Gorgan, considering the environment's capacity for growing and raising all types of fruits, vegetables, and animals. Gorgan is a city of healthy eating with markets and restaurants on every street corner!
Asides from all the food, you will fall in love with the unique styles and fashions that local retail and clothing shops have to offer!

Finally, with so many wonderful and diverse aspects, you might be wondering, "how does one get around?" especially if you are a tourist. The answer is simple enough, Gorgan has excellent transport availability, from planes and trains to buses. It has one of the best airports in Iran, with low accident rates, and very affordable train services for national and international travel. If you prefer bus or car, with the nation's very low gas and oil prices, public transport is affordable and available to take you to all excellent venues and locations mentioned in this review! Gorgan is waiting for you! Don’t miss it!


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