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articles 2022 : articles2022

 | Post date: 2022/10/30 | 

Hamzehgardeshi, Z., Ansari, F., Khoori, E.

Parents' experiences of care offered after stillbirth: Available, accessible, acceptable, equitable and effective care

Evidence-Based Nursingthis link is disabled,


Ziaei, T., Keramat, A., Kharaghani, R., Haseli, A., Ahmadnia, E.

Comparing the Effect of Extended PLISSIT Model and Group Counseling on Sexual Function and Satisfaction of Pregnant Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial

. Journal of Caring Sciences


Nematollahi N, Mohammadi M R, Vakili M A, Baniaghil A S, Ghelichli M, Najafi M J, et al . Chest.

Chest CT Findings (COVID-19), Analysis of 200 Cases (Postmortem)

Journal of Advances in Medical and Biomedical Research


Alinezhad, S., Bakhshandehnosrat, S., Baniaghil, A.S., ...Behnampour, N., Ghaemi, E.A.

The Role of Genital Mycoplasmas in Preterm Labor

Journal of Reproduction and Infertilitythis link is disabled


Baniaghil, A.S., Abedi, F., Faramarzi, M., Vakili, M., Mirabi, P.

Effect of Problem-solving Skill Training on Marital Satisfaction: A Randomized Controlled Field Trial

Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciencesthis link is disabled


Baniaghil, A.-S., Ghasemi, S., Rezaei-Aval, M., Behnampour, N.

Effect of communication skills training using the calgary-cambridge model on interviewing skills among midwifery students: A randomized controlled trial

Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Researchthis link is disabled


Khozein, M., Borghei, N.S., Mehrbakhsh, Z.

Consequences of pregnancy training; Lifestyle modification or increase vaginal delivery? A ret

Iranian Journal of Health Education and Health Promotionthis link is disabled


Abasi, E., Borghei, N.S., Farjamfar, M., Goli, S., Keramat, A.

Mothers' Experiences of Husband's Involvement in Maternal Fetal Attachment: A Qualitative Study

Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciencesthis link is disabled


Moodi, S., Mehrbakhsh, Z., Amtaeh, F., Moghasemi, S.

The Comparison of the Effects of Training Self-awareness and Problem-solving Skills on Marital Satisfaction of Married Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial

International Journal of Community Based Nursing and Midwiferythis link is disabled


Moeini, Reihaneh; Memariani, Zahra; Enayati, Ayesheh; Gorji, Narjes; Kolangi, Fatemeh

Nephrotonic and Nephroprotective Medicinal Herbs in Traditional Persian Medicine: Review and Assessment of Scientific Evidence

Current Traditional Medicinethis link is disabled



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