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Regulations for libraries and information centers of Golestan University of Medical Science (Golestan University of Medical Science's libraries and information centers regulations):
A set of rules that a public or private institution prepares to regulate the affairs of its institution is called a Regulation. The goals of Regulation include filling the legal gap, creating order (regularity) and coordination, detailing and facilitating the implementation of laws, positive interaction with stakeholders, defining activities and segregating responsibilities, and evaluating performance. Golestan University of Medical Sciences, according to the above items and the importance of the regulation in achieving the goals of libraries and information centers, has approved the following regulation. Observance with the provisions of this regulation will be mandatory for all affiliated centers.
The mission of the library:
1. Facilitate the search and access to sources of scientific information
2. Preparation of specialized collections and archives according to the needs of colleges and research centers such as printed & electronic books, educational documents (CD), photographs and other sources of information.
3. Provide physical space to provide information and study services to users
4. Providing reference services (helping to inform users)
Library Users:
All students, faculty members and staff affiliated with Golestan University of Medical Sciences who have become members of the library are called the library community or library users.
Library resources:
Includes Persian and Latin printed and electronic books, printed and electronic journals, dissertations, research projects, educational CDs and videos, and shared university databases.
Borrow rules: Each user will be loaned book for the specified period of time according to the instructions:
Permitted number
Duration (days)
Undergraduate student
Masters student
Professional PhD student And dentistry
PHD student

1. Up to two extensions are possible if the book is not reserved.
2. In case of delay in returning the book, the book will not be extensions.
3. Reference books, journals and dissertations are not be borrowed. 
4. At least one copy of each title is kept in the library as a reference and that copy will not be lent.
5. In case of loss of the book, the last edition of the same book must be delivered to the library by the borrower, otherwise the equivalent of Rials will be deposited to the account number assigned for this purpose.
In the affiliated libraries of the university, it is possible to reserve a resource through the library portal, and the maximum reservation time is 24 hours.
Membership in the collection of affiliated libraries is integrated and membership in one library means the possibility of using all affiliated libraries. Due to the integration of Azarsa software, membership is done electronically through the library portal. Settlement is also centralized and settlement in one library is the settlement in all libraries. Clients from other organizations and organs can use the library services only at the library by submitting introduction letter from the respective organization (these clients are not provided with lending services). The loan is given only to the member of the library.
For the delay of borrowed resources, a fine of 5000 Rials (500 Tomans) will be received from the borrower for each day.
In case of simultaneous request for a resource from several users, priority is given to the members of the affiliated faculty of that library.

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