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History :

The boarding maternity hospital of Minoodasht city started its activity in 1980 in Minoodasht city and in 2001, following the follow-ups done by the esteemed deputy of university treatment to Fatemeh Al-Zahra General Hospital with an average of 25 approved beds in gynecology and pediatrics. - Internal medicine and general surgery had a change of use and in 1393 it was upgraded to 66 approved beds.
In April 2016, Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital in Minoodasht was transferred to the newly established Barakat Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital on Minoodasht Road to Gonbad and was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.
The center started operating with a 2,400-square-meter infrastructure and 66 beds on 4 floors, which has reached 131 active beds with the development of the hospital and the addition of new beds and wards.
Emergency department, maternity ward, obstetrics and gynecology, men and women, ICU and CCU intensive care, POST CCU, pediatric and neonatal ward, gynecological surgery, general surgery, operating room (4 operating rooms), paraclinical imaging wards, pharmacy , A specialized laboratory and clinic.

Address: Golestan Province. Minoodasht city at the beginning of Minoodasht to Gonbad road
Barakat Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital in Minoodasht
01735223090 - 01735226733

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