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In this section, library's specialized work is done such as;providing and managing all available resources for optimal distribution, accelerating recovery and access to required resources.Cataloging and classification of the Collection is based on the NLM (National Library Medicine) classification system of the American Medical Library for medical resources and The Library of Congress (LCC) system for non-medical resources.
Steps to organize resources:
1-Initial registration of resources in registration books
2-Translating and documenting topics that are not available in the Persian subject heading
3-Basic Cataloging, Descriptive and Analytical Cataloging
4-Assigning guide and cutter number to the book and write the mother card and Transcribing of the book
5-Data entry
6-Labeling information for attaching to the resources and printing shelf card
7-Reading the shelves (once a year)
8-Preparing Resources

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