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Startegic plan : plan

Strategic Plan

Duties and authorities of the Scientific Council of the Research Center

  1. Policymaking, formulation and approval of research policy in line with the general policies of the Ministry of Health, University and School of Medicine
  2. Review and approve research projects submitted by all relevant groups (Gynaecology, Psychiatric and Counselling, Reproductive health and Infertility, Endocrinology, Internal medicine, Nutrition and Health
  3. Review and compilation of the annual budget of the Research Center within the funds allocated and in compliance with legal criteria
  4. Preparation and compilation of written report of research decisions and periodic evaluation of the Research Center’s annual performance
  5. Policymaking relating to the internal affairs of the Research Center
  6. Review and approve recruitment requests of faculty members and various research experts at the Research Center
  7. Research consulting services to project executers 

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