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Hospital History

 | Post date: 2019/01/28 | 
The boarding school of Minoodasht in the city of Minoodasht started in 1359 and in 1380, following the followings conducted by the deputy of the university of medical treatment at Fatemeh Al-Zahra General Hospital with an average of 25 beds approved in the field of obstetrics and gynecology - Internal and General Surgery changed their use and in 2014, 66 beds were upgraded.
In 1395, Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital, Minhudasht, moved to a newly established hospital and increased by increasing the beds of existing departments and increasing the ICE's sections, CCUs were upgraded to 132 active beds.
The Fatemeh Al-Zahra Hospital (Minority) was opened on 31/1/95 by the Minister of Health.
The hospital has 4 operating chambers, 4 private childcare rooms, intensive care units, numerous clinics and parklinic facilities and hospital services. The operation room of the hospital is also equipped with a laparoscope machine

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