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پایگاه خبری و اطلاع رسانی معاونت بهداشتی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی گلستان

Activities : Information technology unit

The general duties of information technology expert

Hardware area tasks:
1-Monitoring the purchase of computer equipment
2-Technical control of purchased equipment
3-Repairing process
4-Supervision of contractors activities

Tasks within the area of network:
1-Proper maintenance of network equipment
2-Full knowledge of equipment usage
3-Maintenance, supporting and troubleshooting of equipment
4-Informing any need or changes to IT management

Software tasks:
1-Following up and providing proper solutions to solve software problems and improving systems
2-Advising subset units in the field of computer
3-Coordination with IT Management about software support contracts
4-Technical knowledge of relevant software
5-Following up and monitoring the process of back up file
6-Being informed of any software changes

Duties in the field of website:
1-Familiarity with ICARUS software and the address of the web site
2-Familiarity with standards of website
3-Updating website contents
4-Website monitoring, transmission and following the problems

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