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FAQ on Mental Health : FAQ on mental health

 | Post date: 2015/05/18 | 
What are the characteristics of psychological disorders?
1- Abnormal changes in thinking, emotions, memory, perception and belief known by the speech and behavior
2- These changes make the person and others upset
3-These changes and their subsequent problems impair daily activities and communicate with others

 What are prevention and its types?
All measures and activities that prevent the development of neurological and psychiatric disorders in the community
Preventions are as follows:
1- First prevention: prevention type I, includes every action to prevent people from mental illnesses
2- Second prevention: All things being done for the treatment of this disease
3- Third Prevention: In fact, is a way to prevent progression of disease

 Is psychological disorder treatable? Does the medication help?
 Drug therapy is one of the most important methods for the treatment of mental illnesses and most mental illnesses are treatable. Medication can lead to balance in the brain, reduce or even complete remission of symptoms 

What are the symptoms of severe psychological disorders?
1-A person, who makes incredible words, laughs unreasonably and thinks they want to kill him.
2-A person, who is happy unreasonably, someone who is talkative and has severe insomnia, a person who gives away unnecessarily and very soon gets angry, crying or laughing.
3- A person who is very sad and bored. Who loves loneliness and cries unreasonably, sleepless and anorexic. Hopeless and thinks about suicide

 What are risk factors in incidence, intensification and durability of psychological disorders?
- Unhealthy family
- Social problems such as unemployment and injustice
- Tension and pressure
- Cognitive problems
- Brain disorders
- Hereditary factors
- Adverse childhood experiences

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