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پایگاه خبری و اطلاع رسانی معاونت بهداشتی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی گلستان


Maternal health programs:
-Why is care before pregnancy important?

Many diseases need to control, medication changes and assessing the effects of the disease before pregnancy. lack of attention will  increase maternal / fetal / neonatal mortality and complications


The Middle-aged health program:
-What are Saba and Sama in family health program?
Due to the women's multiple roles and responsibilities, women care should be considered as an important factor in the diseases prevention and maternal mortality. For this reason, October 28  is considered as National Day of Women's Health (SABA)
Men compared with women are more exposed to environmental and occupational risk factors and wrong habits such as smoking, alcohol, addiction and stress are higher among them. On the other hand, for various reasons, men are less likely to visit a doctor and they delay visiting doctor until the onset of advanced disease stages. For this reason, First week of March is considered as National Day of Men's Health (SAMA)

Children's Health Program:
-What can be done for children in health centers? 
Health centers can provide parents with children care. head circumference, height and weight will be measured in children care as well as nutritional status, vision, development, oral, dental health and vaccination and necessary consultations will be provided based on the child's condition

Elderly Health Program:
-What are essential principles in old age?
1-Balanced nutrition
2- consumption of chicken and fish instead of red meat
3- Consumption of vegetable and fruits
4- Reduce intake of salt and sugar
5-Drinking adequate amount of water and milk
6- Doing exercise and physical activities

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