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The Vice-Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs is responsible for physical education, disciplinary affairs, public relations, and counseling of students, as well as supervision and support of student scientific associations, academic journals, and Islamic organizations of students and cultural, social, and artistic centers. In civilized society the emphasis is on the students to gain knowledge and respect. The cultural department of the university in accordance with this belief tries to create a secure and comfortable environment away from psychological pressures. The cultural department of the university is active in following fields:

  1. organising classes about art, sciences and religion. These classes consist of photography, calligraphy . design and painting, theatre. computer , etc.
  2. cooperation with student magazines that have licenses from the university.
  3. supervising and cooperating with cultural activities of the students in the dormitories.
  4. helping departments in organizing graduation ceremonies.


Orientation Program in Gorgan:

As a newcomer, you might experience some anxiety and confusion when it comes down to an entirely new environment; it can even be a little frustrating. Do not worry! Friendly faculty and staff have planned out an informative orientation program for international students new to GOUMS. The Orientation Program has been designed to familiarize newcomers with the University campus, its administrative staff, office personnel, as well as some areas of the city. A table consisting of an overview of the orientation program's schedule is shown below:

The schedule of Orientation Program in Gorgan
Welcome & Information Session & visiting / The GOUMS Universioty
Adaptation to the new Enviroment & / Visiting the City (City Sight Seeing & Campus tour
Visiting the Main Educational / Hospital in Gorgan

Managing students affairs at the Golestan University of Medical Science

This is also a part of the cultural department of the university which looks at issues such as providing food , student loan,bus services and also issuing vouchers for subsidized meals from the university canteen.

Student welfare and nutrition unit:

This unit deals with students' financial settlements ,scholarships to universities abroad, health and accident insurance, and the students union.

Student dormitories:

University provides dormitories separately for boys and girls.

Physical education:

sports is an active part of university at Gorgan medical university students can take part in various sport activities such as futsal ,football, chess, volleyball,badminton,martial arts , mountain climbing and other extra activities.

Student day trips:

the department also organizes trips to different parts of provinces and other provinces at the end of each term

Students’ Associations

The university support students’ participation in various scientific societies. Currently, there are 11 societies related to basic sciences, medicine, clinical medicine, dentistry, midwifery, laboratory sciences, anesthesia, operating room, family health, environmental health, and disease control.

Student publication:

The university publishes different periodic or single issues and also electronic publications on different topics including culture, sociology, politics, sciences, economy, art, literature, and sports.

University advice center:

The university provides assistance in all kinds of problems such as drug addiction, psychological issues, etc.