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1 Veghari, G., Sedaghat, M., Maghsodlo, S., Banihashem, S., Moharloei, P., Angizeh, A., Tazik, E., Moghaddami, A.Differences in the prevalence of obesity among Fars-native, Turkman, and Sisstanish ethnic groups in Iranian northern adults in 2010 (2013) International Cardiovascular Research Journal, 7 (2), pp. 56-61.
2 Veghari, G., Sedaghat, M., Joshghani, H., Niknezad, F., Angizeh, A., Tazik, E., Moharloei, P., Banihashem, S.Plasma total cholesterol level and some related factors in northern Iranian people (2013) Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, 4 (2), pp. 359-363.
3 Veghari, G., Sedaghat, M., Joshghani, H., Banihashem, S., Moharloei, P., Angizeh, A., Tazik, E., Moghaddami, A.Obesity and risk of hypercholesterolemia in Iranian northern adults (2013) ARYA Atherosclerosis, 9 (1).
4 Ahmadi, A.R., Joshaghani, H.R., Mansourian, A.R., Salehi, A., Behnampour, N. The comparison of acute myocardial infarction serum anticardiolipin antibody with healthy subjects, in Gorgan (northern Iran) (2013) Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, 16 (2), pp. 92-96.
5 Mazloom, R., Eftekhari, G., Rahimi, M., Khori, V., Hajizadeh, S., Dehpour, A.R., Mani, A.R.The role of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in modulation of heart rate dynamics in endotoxemic rats (2013) PLoS ONE, 8 (12), art. no.
6 Khori, V., Alizadeh, F., Alizadeh, A.M., Banikarimi, A.Role of adenosine on simvastatin protective effects in atrioventricular nodal properties in isolated atrial fibrillation model of rabbit heart (2013) Tehran University Medical Journal, 71 (1), pp. 15-23.
7 Khori, V., Alizadeh, A.M., Nikyar, B., Banikarimi, A., Badaghabadi, F., Soltani, A., Nayebpour, M.Modulation of extracellular atrioventricular node field potential pattern and ventricular rhythm by morphine in experimental atrial fibrillation in isolated rabbit heart (2013) Physiology and Pharmacology, 17 (1), pp. 27-38.
8 Khori, V., Shirmohammadali, H., Alizadeh, A.M., Rajaii, M., Banikarimi, A., Molseghi, M.Role of mineralocorticoid receptors in the mediation of acute effects of hydrocortisone in isolated ischemic rat heart (2013) Physiology and Pharmacology, 17 (2), pp. 137-147.
9 Tavakoli, F., Ostad, S.N., Khori, V., Alizadeh, A.M., Sadeghpour, A., Darbandi-Azar, A., Haghjoo, M., Zare, A., Nayebpour, M. Outcome improvement of cellular cardiomyoplasty using triple therapy: Mesenchymal stem cell+erythropoietin+vascular endothelial growth factor (2013) European Journal of Pharmacology, 714 (1-3), pp. 456-463.
10 Khori, V., Alizadeh, A.M., Moheimani, H., Shakiba, D., Najafi, S.A., Alizadeh, S., Amiriyani, T., Banikarimi, A., Zahedi, M., Molseghi, M.H., Dehpour, A. New manifestations of electrophysiological remodeling of heart during experimental model of atrial fibrillation in cirrhotic rat isolated heart (2013) Physiology and Pharmacology, 17 (1), pp. 60-71.

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