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Home : starting new website of the university

  Due to the informing increasing need by the university website and the increasing demand for updating units and the slow process of the previous method for updating information, with expert studies on the CMS software, its advantages were evaluated which are as the followings:


  1. Activation of website for the absence of concentration on information entry in a unit

  2. Independent management of each unit somehow each unit can enter is information with even a little knowledge about computer science

  3. Increasing of the speed and facilitating of information entry of each unit and as a result updating of a huge amount of information in a limited time.

  4. Active relationship among users and senior managers

  5. Organized designing and based on the standard patterns

  6. Capacity of admitting members and management of users

  7. E-mailing in company

  8. Creating an automatic search engine for the department subjects

  9. Possibility for the use of electronic newsletter service at website

  Defect of the previous method:

  1. Slow process of the job

  2. Need to call outer section

  3. Inactivation

  4. Slow process of updating

  5. Insufficient sub-sections

  6. For making new sections, we need to write a programme

  7. Absence of the related units accompanying for designing and answering

  8. Insufficient service facilities

  9. Lack of information in many sections of the university

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