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Research projects : research plan

research plan2015-2016 
 1-Plasma Adrenomedullin level Comparison in normal pregnancy with gestational hypertension, Gorgan, 2015.
2-The effect of problem-solving skills training on marital satisfaction of Primiparous mothers, 2015
3-Evaluation of  motor developmental stimulatory consultation's  effect to mothers on Motor Development of 6 month old infants, Gorgan, 2015
4-Evaluation of stress management consultation's  effect on pregnant women’s quality of life, Gorgan,2015.
5- The effect of counseling on the attitude towards donation methods of assisted reproduction, Isfahan, 2015
6-Reviews of sexual education sexual behavior on performance of the second and third trimester pregnant 
7-The effect of problem-solving skills training on anxiety candidate for intrauterine insemination treatment hospital women's mother of Yazd2015
8-The impact of individual advice based on direct women of reproductive age on sexual performance, sexual health centres covered by the city of Gorgan, 2015
9- The effect of group counseling based on communication skills with mothers on public and sexual talking mother - daughter first high school –Gorgan -2015
10-Compare the prevalence of deployment of Streptococcus in the vagina and rectum of Group B women with premature and term of delivery, Gorgan 20151-The effect of problem solving g roup counselingon marital satisfaction of mothres with mentally retarded child,Gorgan,2016
11- The Effect of Group Counseling  on Self-awareness  Skill on Female Student’s  Risk-Taking in High School 
- Gorgan 2016 
12- To study the effect of communication-skill group therapy on the quality of life of pregnant women referring to the health centers in Gorgan – 2015-2016
13-The effect of individual counseling based on self-awareness skill on sexual satisfaction  in women referred to health centers in  Gorgan2016
5-Translation and validation of the Short Version of Perinatal Grief Scale(PSVPGS)
14-The effect of personal safety education to mothers on the knowledge and skills prevention sexual abuse of preschool girls ages in Gorgan, 2016
15-Assessment of adolescent health concerns from their perspective, Gorgan 2016
16-Predictors Of Prenata Empowerment among Iranian Pregnant women
17-Psychological Empowerment Model in Iranian pregnant women

research plan2017-2018

1-Preconceptional Counseling Predictive Factors Based on Social-Cognitive Theory Among Pregnant Women who reffered to The Gorgan Health Centers in 2017
 Evaluation Of Group Counseling Based On Mindfulness On Sleep Quality In Pregnant Women  2017
3-The Effect of Group Educations based on Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques on Fear of Child Birth in Primiparous mothers, Gorgan 2017-2018
4-Evaluation oF Effect of Group Counseling Based On Mindfulness On Pregnancy’s Worries and Stress  in pregnant women, Gorgan, 2017
5- Investigation of communication skills training effect based on Calgary- Cambridge model on interviewing skill in midwifery students of Golestan University of medical sciences, Gorgan,2018
6-Evaluation of time management skills training's effect on educational achievement of female student in high school Tenth , Gorgan, 2018.
7-The effect of emotion regulation training on fear of childbirth in primiparous women, Gorgan, 2018.
8-The Effects of Self- Awareness Consulation on Menopausal Quality of Life of Woman Health center Gorgan in 2017

9-The Preschool Childrens Awareness of Correct Names of Body Organs in Gorgan 2018
10-The Relationship between Sexual Self-Concept and Sexual Health of Middle-aged Women: Gorgan 2018
11-Evaluation of Effectiveness of Communication Skills Training on Marital Satisfaction in Wives of Men are in Drugs Withdrawal Period Referring to Drug Clinics, Gorgan, 2018

12-The effect of personal safety education to mothers on the knowledge and skills for the prevention sexual abuse of preschoolaged boys in Gorgan2018
13- The relationship between sexual selfconcept and Sexual function in diabetic and none diabetic women Reffering to gorgan health centersiran 2017 2018
14- An investigation on correlation between general self-concept and sexual self-concept of infertile women referred to infertility center, Gorgan, Iran, on 2018
15- An investigation on effect of mood regulation education on general self-concept and sexual self-concept of infertile women referred to infertility center, Gorgan, Iran, on 2018
16- Evaluating the effect of counseling based on EX-PLISSIT model on sexual self-concept and marital satisfaction in women  who  referring to infertility centers of Sari in 2018

research plan2019-2020

  1. Comparison of Resilience and Life Satisfaction in Adolescents of Fars and Turkmen in Gorgan, 2019

  2. A Comparative Study of the Effect of Fathers Package Curriculum on Maternal Mental Health in Pregnant Mothers In both personal and non-personalized ways

  3. A Comparative Study of the effect of Fathers training in Attendance and Non-Attendance education methods on Postpartum Social Support of Mothers Referred to Mashhad Health Centers in 2020.

  4. The Effect of Birth Training Classes in Turkmen and Farsi Languages on Fear and Mode of delivery method of Primiparous Turkmen Pregnant Women Referred to Health Centers in Gonbad in 2019

  5. 5-A comparative study on the effect of self-awareness and problem-solving skills training on marital satisfaction in married women in Gorgan, 2019  

  6. Comparing genital self-image before and after childbirth and its correlation with sexual function inthe pregnant women referring to comprehensive health services centers, Gorgan, 2020

  7. The effect of counseling based on EX PLISSIT model on sexual health of middle-aged women referring to health centers in Gorgan – 2020

  8. Comparative study of prenatal and neonatal outcomes in high-risk and low-risk age groups referring to Gorgan hospitals Between two ethnicities of Fars and Turkmen in

  9. Effect of husbands' attendance in the labor on adaptation to father's role

  10. The effect of childbirth preparation classes on the lifestyle of pregnant women referred to health centers in Gorgan in 2020

  11. Evaluation of Self-Awareness Skills, Risk taking and Alexithymia in Secondary Adolescents in Gorgan 2020

  12. Determine the effect of mood regulation skill training on general self concept and sexual self concept in diabetic married women in Gorgan clinics, 2019

  13. Comparison of self-awareness and sexual satisfaction scores before and during corona quarantine period in married women of reproductive age covered by Gorgan Health Centers

  14. The study of the knowledge, attitude and performance of parents of preschool children toward children sexual abuse in Gorgan , 2020

research plan2021-2022

  1. The Relationship between Mental Adjustment and Quality Dimensions of the Marital Relation of Women with Breast Cancer in Golestan Province 2021

  2. A Study of Knowledge and Performance of Preschool Children on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in Gorgan, 2021

  3. Investigating the prevalence of suicidal ideation and related factors in pregnant women of Refered to the comprehensive urban health centers of Aliabad Katoul in 2021

  4. Comparison of Self-Esteem and Sexual Satisfaction of Persian and Turkmen couples covered by comprehensive health centers in Gonbad-e Qabus city,2021.

  5. A comparative study of sexual self-concept, sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction amongst women reproductive age and their wives in Gorgan during the covid-19.

  6. Assessment of Risk-taking and Alexithymia and Relationship in Persian and Turkmen Adolescents under the Coverage of Comprehensive Health Centers of Golesta Provincein

  7. the effect of group trainnig based on assertiveness skill on risk-taking among girl adolescent in Gorgan

  8. Investigating of relationship between domestic violence and the Unintended Consequences of pregnancy and childbirth in mothers attending to comprehensive health centers, Gorgan, 2021.

  9. Evaluation of the relationship between body image and breastfeeding self-efficacy of nulligravida before and after childbirth attended comprehensive health service centers in Gorgan, from March to January 2022

  10. Evaluation of the relationship between domestic violence in perpetrators and victims of domestic violence with their resilience in couples, Gorgan, 2022

  11. . The effect of stress and anxiety related to pandemic on perinatal outcomes in pregnant women referred to Gorgan`s comprehensive health service centers 2022 A prospective cohort study

  12. Evaluation of the relationship between satisfaction with breast size and breastfeeding self-efficacy in pregnant women covered by Gorgan Comprehensive Health Service Centers in 2022

  13. The relationship between self-esteem and breast size satisfaction in married reproductive aged women , Gorgan 2022


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