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پایگاه خبری و اطلاع رسانی معاونت بهداشتی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی گلستان

FAQ on drug abuse : FAQ on drugs abuse

 | Post date: 2015/05/18 | 

Frequently asked questions
prevention and reduction programs on substance abuse in Golestan province

1-what's the drug?
It's A chemical (and not a food) which affects the brain's biological function. In general, materials with effect on the central nervous system make change in mood, thought and perception as well as the individual behavior.

2- What are the names of different groups of materials?
Drugs (opioid)
Cannabis and marijuana
Nervous system's stimulants
Nervous system's retarder materials
Hallucinogenic substances
Inhalants substances
Cigarettes and nicotine

3- Factors on addiction:
Psychiatric diseases
Inability to communicate with others
Unstable and tense family
Social failure

4- Skills of quitting drugs:
Communication skills
Compatibility skills with others
Befriending skills
Solving problems' skill
Saying "No" skill

5- The global strategies for prevention of addiction are included:
Informing people about the risks and hazards of substances
Increase life skills
Strengthening alternative activities instead of materials to meet the psychological needs of adolescents and youth
Counseling and intervention during the crisis and during the various crises in life
Cultural and religious promotion
 Strengthening drug enforcement laws and regulations
Treatment of addicts to prevent the spread of addiction

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