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پایگاه خبری و اطلاع رسانی معاونت بهداشتی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی گلستان

Provincial Health Center Chairman : Vice Chancellor

The name of the university
Date of Graduation
Field of Study
Tehran university of Medical Sciences
Medical docto
General practitioner
Tehran university of Medical Sciences
Health Services Management
MDF and KIT institutes in Netherland
health management &organization
Iran Medical Sciences university
Research Experiences:
Research projects
1-Reduction of unwanted pregnancies in Minoodasht
2-puberty health education in guidance school girls in Minoodasht
3-Comparative evaluation of patients admitted to hospitals in Golestan province in 1385
4-Risk factors for non-communicable diseases in Golestan province in 1385
5-GIS system design to manage traffic accidents
6-Risk factors for non-communicable diseases in Golestan province in 1385
7-Studying the Beliefs and behaviors of people on folk medicine in Golestan province
8-Studying knowledge, attitude and behavior of people in Golestan province on cardiovascular risk factors
9-Database formation for the use of information, beliefs and behaviors of people on folk medicine in Golestan province, 1387
10-Designing questionnaire software on  cardiovascular disease risk factors
11-Reviewing the common beliefs among the therapists in Golestan province
12-Reviewing the common beliefs in regards to traditional  foods and medicines on some risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among local therapists in Gonbad and Gorgan
13-designing evidence-based library pattern
14-Studying knowledge, attitude and behavior of cardiovascular patients admitted in Cardiology ward of  5 Azar Gorgan and Shohada Gonbad hospitals on cardiovascular risk factors

Writing and translating book or article:
1-Early warning system for flood in Golestan Province in 1385, Presenting a model on unexpected events
2-Comprehensive disaster management in the rural areas of the country, network interaction with the community and other organizations
3-Introduction of a model for a village disaster task force in IRAN , based on a community intervention Trial on a Flood early warning system
4- Effectiveness of village disaster task force: A community intervention trial on flood early warning system of Golestan Province2006
5-Epidemiological study of human and animal transmissible diseases in Hamadan province
6-Evaluation of Golestan Province's Early Warning System for Flash Floods, Iran, 2006-7
7-Goiter and urinary iodine excretion in 7-10 years old children in Hamedan in 1380, National program to combat iodine deficiency disorders
8-Assessment of vaccine complications against measles and rubella  in national vaccination plan in Hamadan province
9-Integrated information management system for road accidents in the context of GIS in Golestan province: A case report
10-Executive model to deal with the flood crisis in the healthcare system due to the flood experience in Golestan
11-Identification of Leishmania using microscopic and molecular methods in suspected patients of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by targeting ITS-rDNA gene, Golestan province, Iran (2009-10)

Posts and the previous positions:
1-Health center doctor in Farsian Farang – Minoodasht health center
2-TB program specialist- Minoodasht health center
3-Health network deputy - Minoodasht health network
4-Family health and nutrition expert- Minoodasht health center
5-Head of city health center - Minoodasht health network
6-Director of city Health Network - Minoodasht health network
7-Health Deputy – Hamadan University of Medical Sciences
8-Technical Assistant of Provincial Health Center - Golestan health department
9-Statistics and Information director - Golestan research department

Specific responsibilities and honors:
1-Special inspector of the government - representative of the Head of the University and the Minister in Commission under Article 11
2-Project manager of Strengthening Reproductive Health (UNFPA) in Minoodasht and Kalaleh
3-Top employee in the Ministry of Health and Medical Education in 1379
4-Assistant manager to cope with floods in 1380, Minoodasht
5-Project manager to cope with floods in 1381, Minoodasht
6-Member of the National Committee of determining the criteria and structural resources' standards of health system in 1385
7-Research council member of the Cardiovascular Research Center of Golestan  from 1385
8-Associate member of research council of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Research Center from 1386
9-Member of HSR policy council of the university from 1387
10-Top researcher in the 1387 in Golestan University of Medical Sciences
11-Appreciation for the research project selection in the 87th national festival 
12-Coordinator director of operational plan in formulating health management books for family physicians and skills required to manage health
13-Member of institute of Health Management and Social Development
14-Member of Ischemic Disorders Research Center
15-Chairman advisor of promotion and development of health in Ministry of Health in 1388
16-Member of the University strategic planning committee in 1391
17-information affairs counselor of research department in 1392

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