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Ceftriaxone directive : Ceftriaxon guideline

Ceftriaxone directives

According to the record of 71 suspicious deaths in ADR center during the years 1377 to 1390 as well as considering the maximum number of side effects and death dedicated to ceftriaxone, compliance with the following points are required for all medical employees in all public and private health-care centers:
1- Avoid prescribing and use of ceftriaxone in cold
2- Avoid rapid intravenous injection of ceftriaxone
3-Ask patient about history of drug sensitivity, prior to the administration or injection of ceftriaxone. Usage of ceftriaxone is prohibited in patients with a history of sensitivity to it and other cephalosporins.
4-Ceftriaxone should be administrated only by trained persons and just in centers equipped with CPR. Prevent Injection by non-professional staff or in Non-medical areas which are not equipped with resuscitation facilities
5- Simultaneous administration of ceftriaxone with calcium-containing solutions in newborns is prohibited even through the infusion of different vessels
6- Avoid using calcium-containing solutions till 48 hours after the last dose of ceftriaxone in all age groups.
7- Administration of ceftriaxone is forbidden in neonates with hyperrobinima especially in premature babies
8-Avoid Using diluents containing calcium such as Ringer's solution is prohibited in order to prepare ceftriaxone for injection
9- Pharmacy technical authorities should avoid delivering this product without prescription

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