Medication and Drug Supervision : Medication and Drugs Supervision Department

Medication and Drugs Supervision Department

1- Monitoring the pharmacies in public and private hospitals as well as addiction detoxification centers
2- Monitoring the independent pharmacies
3-Evaluating pharmacies
4-Supervising the pharmaceutical affairs in emergency units of public and private hospitals
5-Checking the newly established pharmacies
6-Evaluation the need for pharmacy in coverage areas
7-Coordinating to move the surplus drugs and providing the Pharmaceutical needs of centers.
8-Dealing with Pharmaceutical complaints
9-Checking the demands on pharmacies 'establishment
10-Cooperating with Judicial and police authorities to prevent medication trafficking
11-Cooperation and coordination with relevant organizations such as insurance organizations
12-Sending directive to pharmacies, clinics and hospitals
13- Introducing the pharmacies' technical supervisors to the university
14-Pharmaceutical Performance monitoring in addiction detoxification centers
15-Correspondence with pharmacies and confirming or rejecting the pharmacies' request
16-Introducing the offenders to the judicial authorities

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