Other midwifery activities : Other midwifery activities

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Activities in line with the objectives:

1- Promoting surveillance system on maternal mortality and Pursuing Implementation of the academic committee approvals on reducing maternal mortality in the treatment ward
2-Planing and tracking the implementation of decuple actions in mother-friendly hospitals according to the national directory of maternal health, which are described in detail below:
 A- Planning to launch a pleasant delivery in affiliated Hospitals (delivery preparation and less pain classes…)
 B- Restoration of human resource chart especially midwifery personnel
 C- Tracking and activities related to the implementation of the national plan of perinatal services
 D- Monitoring the activities of the hospital committees in affiliated centers in order to promote the health of mother and neonates
 E- Responsible for following the good performance of healthy neonates program in line with the objectives of the National Committee
 F- Follow-up and implementation of KMC national plan in the maternity hospitals in line with the objectives of the National Committee
 G- Follow-up neonatal resuscitation program in line with the objectives of the National Committee
 H- Tracking and supervising the true monitoring of the baby-friendly hospitals

Other activities:

1- Communication and coordination with other relevant institutions to promote maternal and child health targets
2-Necessary coordination and supervision of Midwife's Day Ceremony In collaboration with other members of the academic committee
3-Continuous participation in other provincial and national programs associated directly or indirectly with the activities of midwifery
4- Design and establishment of triage form related to high and low risk pregnancies in subordinate units

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