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Introducing International Patient Unit ( IPD ) : A unit in a hospital whose task is to coordinate the provision of diagnostic and treatment services to foreign patients. Traveling from residence to living to maintain, improve or regain one's physical and mental health for more than 24 hours and less than one year is called health tourism. Amir al-Momenin Specialty Hospital (AS) is a medical center in the country that has emerged as an effective and powerful health tourism destination. Along with the quality of service and reasonable price, it has been a major factor in attracting foreign patients.

IPD Definition : IPD (International Patient Department) It is a unit in the hospital whose task is to coordinate all necessary services to foreign patients and patients with special services.

Patient International: A foreigner who has come to the hospital for diagnostic and treatment services.

Expert of International Patients Unit: Adele Gharabaghani
Fixed contact number: 01734337689
Mobile phone number: 09111774421
Location: First Floor - Right Side - Office (ipd)

International Patient Department ( IPD ) Definition :
Tourism or health tourism is a health journey that aims to treat another country. The reasons for this type of tourism are lack of similar therapies, high costs and lack of advanced medical technologies in the country of origin. And with international quality nursing, many patients are eager to travel to Iran to receive health care, which has made them one of the hub of health tourism in the region, our beloved country.
In this regard, Kordkoy Amir-al-Momenin Hospital (AS) has received the approval of international patients in the evaluation of the Ministry of Health considering the current and potential capacities, the successful international achievements and the pioneering in the modern management of health services.

Aims of IPD Unit of Amir al-Momenin Specialized Hospital in Kordkoy :

* Supervision of satisfactory quality services to foreign patients

* Supervision of services to foreign patients as soon as possible Full compliance with medical ethics, use of new technology, responsibility and compliance with professional principles and principles in medical centers

* Increased international patient satisfaction with improved quality of service and reduced waiting time for medical and paraclinical services

Tasks of IPD Unit of Amir al-Momenin Specialized Hospital of Kordkoy:

* Responding to patients whether by phone or email

* Coordinate with the treating physician and hospital units including clinic, paraclinic, operating room, inpatient ward, hospital admission and discharge

* Approximate estimated cost of treatment and delivery to the patient prior to travel

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