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Tuition Fee and Expenses :  

 | Post date: 2018/06/19 | 
Tuition Fees and Expenses for Academic Year 2020-2021 
Even though Gorgan is a developed city, cost of living is extremely affordable. An affordable lifestyle makes Gorgan an advantageous destination for students from all walks of life. As an international student, you will be required to verify that you're capable of paying necessary expenses for survival: this is for the student's own well-being. The financial verification request applies to both your costs of living and tuition fees. It is also recommended to present a sponsoring individual to fulfill your required expenses unless you do so yourself.

Table of Expenses
The following is the list of estimated living costs and tuition fee for students admitted to Golestan University of Medical Sciences (GOUMS). Note that all the following expenses are valid only for the academic year 2018-2019.
Table of Expenses
Tuition and Expenses Payment Amount
(U.S dollar)
Payment Type
Registration(graduate) 150.00 Once
Registration(undergraduate) 150.00  Once
First Airport Pickup  If Requested Once
Furnished Accommodation(dormitory) 1200.00 Yearly
Visa 50.00 Yearly
Insurance 10.00 Yearly
Persian Language Courses (if required)  800.00 For 240 hours
English Language Courses (if required) 1000.00 For 240 hours
Persian Test  20.00 Once
English Test  20.00 Once
Tuition Fee 5000.00 Yearly

Note 1: Golestan University of Medical Sciences is prepared to offer various scholarships: scholarships may waive the required expenses. Every international student is allowed to apply for these scholarships. For more information regarding GOUMS scholarships, please click here.
Note 2:  Prices added to the costs of living are shown in the table above: Students should be informed that other living expenses for necessities such as food, clothes, books, among other things, for the individual student are estimated to be between /month.
None of the scholarships provided by GOUMS cover additional living expenses.

Tuition Fees
Tuition costs vary depending on the degree program you will be studying. Tuition fees for each program are set out in the tables below:
Tuition Fees For Graduate Programs
Degree Programs Duration (years) Annual Tuition
Master's Programs (M.Sc.)  2 - 3 2500.00
Ph.D. Programs  3 - 5 5000.00
Specialty (Medicine)  4 - 5 5000.00
Subspecialty  2 - 3 5000.00
Fellowship 1  - 2 5000.00
Tuition Fees for Non-Degree Programs
Degree Program Duration  Annual Tuition
Short-Term Training Programs 1-3(month) Determined by the Department
Medical Elective(clinical Rotation/Intership)  4 to 16 Weeks 620.00 USD/Month
Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programs
School Degree Programs Duration Annual Tuition
Medicine Doctor of Medicine(M.D.) 7 years 5000.00
Medicine MBBS. 5.5  years 5000.00
Dentistry Doctor of Dental Medicine(DDM) 6 years 4000.00
Dentistry BDS. 4 years 3500.00
_____ Bachelor's Program 4 years 1800.00

*In order to cover bench expenses, a 1000$ bench fee will be added yearly to the tuition fee for those programs which include bench work as a part of the program.

Tuition and Fees Refund Policy
Those who decide to permanently discontinue their studies at any time during the academic year will be accountable for paying ALL fees (this includes accommodation, tuition, insurance, registration, and so on.). Furthermore, any changes to your course(s) will have implications on your visa status; students who find themselves in this situation must prepare to leave the country immediately upon finishing the check-out process at the Office of Vice Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs (GSIA).
  • The tables above display annual tuition fees and cost of registration, language courses, living expenses, etc. for the academic year of 2018-2019. GOUMS is devoted to helping its students in any way possible, not least among those ways are the financial affairs. We do grant scholarships to deserving students. Any student has the chance to apply for one of our scholarships. The application process is the best time to prove that you're eligible for receiving a scholarship: the most qualified applicants are more likely to be granted a scholarship.
  • Applicants should be warned that withdrawing from GOUMS at any point of their studies, can cost them the entire annual tuition fee as well as relevant fines -- such as accommodations, utilities and internet, health insurance and registration fees -- according to the University regulations.

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