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Title : Goals, Mission, Vision

 | Post date: 2020/10/31 | 

About us
The Ischemic Disorders Research Center started operating in 2006 with the approval of the university and succeeded in obtaining the principle agreement of operation in 2012. The center benefits from active contribution of Dr Vahid Khori (head of the center), Dr Aref Salehi (deputy head of the center) and academic members in applying laboratory techniques in various research fields including intracellular and extracellular electrophysiology recording of cardiac cells isolated from animals, two-and three-dimensional cardiac cell culture, open-heart surgery in animals, cirrhosis, gonadectomy, etc.. The center also holds international and national workshops in these fields and has close ties with domestic and foreign universities and research centers.


  • Incentive and deterrent policies in promoting full-time experts and faculty members and in salary of K coefficient of clinical physicians

  • Promoting research project with a product-oriented approach

  • Conducting basic and clinical research in the field of ischemic disorders in order to meet the health and medical needs of the country

  • Science production by encouraging researchers to publish indexed articles in the Scopus and Web of Science databases

  • Efforts to cooperate with other research, educational and executive centers of the country in conducting research projects

  • Efforts for scientific cooperation with research and educational centers of other countries and international organizations in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

  • Encouraging and applying the knowledge and experience of researchers and scholars

  • Increasing research capabilities at the national and regional levels in the field of ischemic disorders and its related and underlying factors


The mission of the Ischemic Disorders Research Center is to promote the scientific position of Golestan University of Medical Sciences in the national and international levels by establishing standards of excellence using "capable human resources", "advanced technology" and "resource management" by conducting research on the reducing the incidence of ischemic disorders and their associated factors to develop research- and knowledge-based products.


We intend to turn the Ischemic Disorders Research Center of the Golestan University of Medical Sciences into a premier center that meets the basic research needs in the field of ischemic disorders by 2023. We also aim to become a specialized-reputable scientific research center in the country, region and world with the following characteristics:

  • Obtaining the final approval of the Development Council of the Ministry of Health and becoming a center with an independent budget line and organizations

  • Responding to the basic research needs in reducing the incidence of ischemic disorders and related factors

  • Attracting and supporting researchers and innovators in the field of novel applied and clinical research

  • Cooperation with universities, scientific societies and relevant organizations in conducting joint research projects

  •  Empowering researchers in reducing the incidence of ischemic disorders and related or underlying factors

  • Creating a platform for coordination and scientific cooperation with other reputable research centers


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