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Basic : Department of Parasitology & Mycology

The Parasitology and Mycology was a part of the Department of Microbiology of Golestan University of Medical Sciences since the establishment of the School of Medicine from 1992. With the efforts of Dr. Heshmatolla Taherkhani, a group of Parasitology and Mycology was separated from Microbiology in 2006. The group consists of 3 sections: Parasitology, Mycology and Entomology.
Over the past years, the group has succeeded in conducting a large number of research projects, which resulted in the publication of numerous articles in prestigious journals and congresses inside and outside the country.
Since parasitic diseases are considered to be a health problem in many countries, including Iran, familiarity with parasites and diseases caused by them seems necessary. Therefore, morphology, life cycle, epidemiology status, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention and control of these diseases are taught in the department of parasitology.
In the field of Fungi, important fungi from the medical point of view include opportunistic fungi, fungi causing cutaneous, subcutaneous and visceral diseases are trained in terms of morphology, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention and control.
In the area of ​​Entomology, arthropods transmitted disease or disease due to their biting or allergic reactions are discussed.
Goals and Mission of The Group:
  • Teaching students of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Midwifery, Nutrition of the University and Educational International Campus.
  • Providing laboratory diagnostic services for parasitic diseases (leishmaniasis, cryptosporidiosis, other intestinal parasites, etc.) to patients referred to hospitals and laboratories.
  • Conduct research projects including: 1- Investigating Epidemiology of parasitic diseases.  2- Molecular and phylogenetic studies of common parasites and fungi. 
Photo Name Academic position Degree Field
1 Dr. Mitra Sharbatkhori Associate Professor Ph. D. Parasitology sharbatkhori@goums.ac.ir Link
2 AWT IMAGE Farideh Tohidi Instructor Ph. D. candidate Parasitology
3 Dr. Oghol Niaz Jorjani Assistant Professor Ph. D. Parasitology
4 Faramarz Koohsar Instructor Ph. D. candidate Parasitology
5 Dr. Farhad Niknejad Associate Professor Ph. D. Mycology
6 Mohammadreza Ghanbari Instructor M. Sc. Medical Entomology

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