Statistics Unit : Statistics Unit

  The unit experts of Statisticians and medical documentation


  Statistics Unit:

Introducing the statistics unit and its most important activities:

The Unit Experts: Roya Bamyar,Hasan Khorsha

The activities of this unit include:


  - New system for collecting and analyzing data from hospital statistics (FORM 1 -201)

  - Preparing therapeutic parameters by using of the IHA software seasonally and putting it on university Website

  - Planning the university' Hospital parameters for publication

  - Collecting information from patients admitted to hospitals in the province (ads9 software) and sending them to the Ministry Health and medical education

  - Preparing therapeutic parameters by using of the ads9report software annually

  - Training courses for staffs who is working in the field of statistics and medical records

  - Training courses for ICDL program for University staff

  Respond to the university officials who requested statistics, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Management and Planning Organization of Golestan province and other applicant.

Software available in this unit:

1 - ADS9 Software
2 - IHA Hospital Software
3 - ADS9 Reporting Software

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