MSc, Program : Master of Science (MSc)

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Medical Biotechnology Degree: Master of Science (MSc) 
Total Course Credits        
Core: 19  
Non-Core: 2  
Thesis: 10 
Program Description
The term biotechnology was initially used by Karl Ereky as the application of biosciences and their effect on man-made technologies in 1919.  Briefly, biotechnology science includes any kind of man-made intelligent activity in the world which uses organisms, especially through manipulations at their molecular level, to develop various products and improve the environment, the food and people's health. As such, to deepen their knowledge of the field, researchers should implement more educational and research programs from the biotechnology field. Those with a master's degree in Medical biotechnology, a field in basic biomedical sciences, are able to improve the environment, the food products, and the health indices by adopting and implementing new findings from different sciences including molecular and cellular biology, genetic engineering, tissue engineering and living organisms. The main duty of medical biotechnology is to resolve health problems of general community and to produce useful bioproducts such as vaccines, diagnostic kits, recombinant antibodies, food products and drugs. Biotechnologists also serve in educational, research and commercial organizations in an attempt to further benefit the public.
Their main objective is to: 
  • Supply the required expert personnel in biotechnology for the related research centers
  • Train the necessary expert personnel for the production sector 
  • Expand the necessary technology in the country, to serve as a basis for further expansion of advanced sciences  
Admission Requirements
Meeting the general requirements for admission to MSc level according to the rules of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education 
A bachelor's degree, in any field of medical sciences (biology, all fields), biotechnology, laboratory sciences, veterinary laboratory sciences and experimental sciences 
Holding an MD,  Pharm-D or veterinary medicine          
The following box illustrates the subjects that are included in the Entrance Exam  

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