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Research Facilities & Centers
The Molecular and Cell Biology research facilities
Molecular Analyses and Protein Preparation
Cellular Analysis
  • Flow Cytometry (part of the Cancer Research Lab)
    Provides Berkeley and local researchers with access to cutting-edge flow cytometry instruments and expertise.

     Stem Cell Facility
    Provides the cell culture equipment and instrumentation needed to grow and assess stem cells from flow cytometry to automated epifluorescence, confocal, and multiphoton imaging.
    High Throughput Screening Facility
    Provides access to cell culturing space, automated liquid handling, automated plate reader and high-throughput, high-content microscopy instrumentation for screening experiments, along with tools for analysis and data visualization. Emphasis is on whole genome and sub-library siRNA screening from various sources but other high-throughput fluidics projects are welcome.
  • Molecular Imaging (part of the Cancer Research Lab)
    A state-of-the-art light microscopy facility specializing in live cell and live whole specimen imaging, confocal microscopy, multi-photon imaging, fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM), super resolution, light-sheet microscopy, spinning disk confocal microscopy, and equipment for optogenetic studies.

    Facility Manager: Holly Aaron
  • CIRM/QB3 Shared Stem Cell Facility and High-Throughput Screening Facility
    See Cellular Analysis section above.
  • Biomolecular Nanotechnology Lab
    A fabrication and experimentation facility specializing in BioMEMS and microfluidic devices, offering lithography, deposition, etching, metrology, and microscopy equipment and facilities for biological experimentation. Instruments include a FEI FIB (Focused Ion Beam) Quanta, a NanoFab FIB, and several SEMs. The BNC also houses instructional labs and is adjacent to QB3 incubator space.

DNA Analysis and High-Throughput Screening
  • Functional Genomics Laboratory
    Conducts research in functional genomics, specializing in the fabrication, use, and analysis of DNA microarrays for large-scale gene expression profiling and genetic profiling, and providing full services for Affymetrix GeneChip arrays and Agilent DNA microarrays.

    Genetic Manipulation
  • Gene Targeting Facility (part of the Cancer Research Lab)
    This facility has generated hundreds of transgenic mice and made numerous gene-targeted mice. Recently the facility has shifted to using Cas9/CRISPR-mediated gene targeting as this offers the ability to produce gene-targeted mice with unprecedented speed and ease.
  • Computational Genomics Resource Laboratory
    This facility is for researchers who use next-generation genomic sequencing. It provides computational infrastructure, technical expertise, workshops, and training in experimental design and data analysis. Staff provide free consultation and analyses for NGS data.

Cell Culture and Organism Support
  • Cell Culture Facility
    Provides cell cultures, media, supplies and expertise on a recharge basis for more than 40 different laboratories on and off the main campus. Provides cell cultures for researchers to take to their labs for experiements, media and materials for checkout, and also allows use of laminar flow hoods, incubators and microscope for researchers who are using cells provided by the facility (on site).

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