Research Projects : Research Projects

  1. Assessment of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) on physical and psychological health of diabetes mellitus type II and hypertension patients
  2. Assessment of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) on sleep quality of primary insomnia patients
  3. A survey of the relationship between mental health with parenting style in ADHD children
  4. Evaluation of Post Traumatic Growth (PTG), post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, and mental health in cardiovascular accident survived patients
  5. Assessment of the effect of parental behavior education on the mental health of ADHD children’s mothers
  6. Effect of ADHD workshop on the ability of teachers to screen ADHD children
  7. Effects of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) on Psychological Well-Being of the addict’s spouses
  8. Effect of lavender and Citrus aurantium on the exam stress of the female students of the paramedical faculty of Gorgan
  9. Assessment of epidemiological features of obsessive-compulsive patients who referred to 5th Azar hospital of Gorgan during the first sixth month of 1393
  10. Epidemiologic assessment of domestic violence against pregnant women who referred to Gorgan and Aghghala hospitals in 1392
  11. Assessment of eating disorder and anti-fat attitude and treatment barriers in students and staffs of Golestan university of medical sciences
  12. Frequency of psychological disorders in married women under 18 who referred to Sayad Shirazi hospital of Gorgan in 1392
  13. Effect of Melatonin on treatment of sleep disorders of ADHD children aged 6-12 years old under treatment with Ritalin who referred to Taleghani hospital of Gorgan
  14. Assessment of general mental health in oncology patients who admitted in 5th Azar hospital during 1392-1393
  15. Assessment of general mental health in migraine patients who referred to 5th Azar hospital during 1392-1393
  16. A comparison between Zolpidem and Lorazepam on the severity of insomnia in patients under treatment with methadone maintenance therapy
  17. Assessment of the relation between BMI and depression level in the students of Golestan medical university of sciences
  18. Association of central serous chorioretinopathy with type A personality in patients who referred to eye clinic of 5th Azar hospital in 1393
  19. Assessment of the effect of smelling Jasmine essence on the level of anxiety and cortisol of patients before the laparatomy in surgery departments of 5th Azar hospital
  20. The effect of progressive muscle relaxation technique on the sleep quality and exhaustion in multiple sclerosis patients
  21. Assessment of the duration of maintenance treatment with agonist drugs in prisoners after freedom in Golestan province
  22. Assessment of the paint therapy effect on memory improvement of elders who referred to Jahandidehgan center of Gorgan in 1393
  23. A comparison of social skills between single child families and several children families at Gorgan city in 1394
  24. Assessment and comparison of depression frequency between vaginal delivery and cesarean section
  25. A comparison of anxiety prevalence in patients with migraine and control group in neurology and psychiatry clinics of two hospitals

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