Research projects : research plan

research plan2015

1-Plasma Adrenomedullin level Comparison in normal pregnancy with gestational hypertension, Gorgan, 2015.

2-The effect of problem-solving skills training on marital satisfaction of Primiparous mothers, 2015

3-Evaluation of  motor developmental stimulatory consultation's  effect to mothers on Motor Development of 6 month old infants, Gorgan, 2015.

4-Evaluation of stress management consultation's  effect on pregnant women’s quality of life, Gorgan,2015.

5- The effect of counseling on the attitude towards donation methods of assisted reproduction, Isfahan, 2015

6-Reviews of sexual education sexual behavior on performance of the second and third trimester pregnant 

7-The effect of problem-solving skills training on anxiety candidate for intrauterine insemination treatment hospital women's mother of Yazd2015

8-The impact of individual advice based on direct women of reproductive age on sexual performance, sexual health centres covered by the city of Gorgan, 2015

9- The effect of group counseling based on communication skills with mothers on public and sexual talking mother - daughter first high school –Gorgan -2015

10-Compare the prevalence of deployment of Streptococcus in the vagina and rectum of Group B women with premature and term of delivery, Gorgan 2015

research plan2016

1-The effect of problem solving g roup counselingon marital satisfaction of mothres with mentally retarded child,Gorgan,2016

2- The Effect of Group Counseling  on Self-awareness  Skill on Female Student’s  Risk-Taking in High School  - Gorgan 2016 

3- To study the effect of communication-skill group therapy on the quality of life of pregnant women referring to the health centers in Gorgan – 2015-2016

4-The effect of individual counseling based on self-awareness skill on sexual satisfaction  in women referred to health centers in  Gorgan2016

5-Translation and validation of the Short Version of Perinatal Grief Scale(PSVPGS)

6-The effect of personal safety education to mothers on the knowledge and skills prevention sexual abuse of preschool girls ages in Gorgan, 2016

7-Assessment of adolescent health concerns from their perspective, Gorgan 2016

8-Predictors Of Prenata Empowerment among Iranian Pregnant women

9-Psychological Empowerment Model in Iranian pregnant women

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