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What is medical tourism or tourism therapy?
Based on definitions given by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), one of the objectives that may motivate a tourist to take trip is to travel for acquisition of health. That is something called as health tourism. In fact, medical tourism is a type of tourism that is done in order to preserve, improve, and reacquire physical and mental health for an individual for more than 24 hours and less than a year. As a result, a medical tourist may use medical services in the destination to achieve his/ her own physical and spiritual health by traveling from permanent residence. Medical tourism has very short history in Iran. Actually, Ministry of Health has addressed medical tourism in Iran for the first time in 2003. However gradually since 2004 and just after merging of Cultural Heritage Organization and World Tourism Organization in Iran, medical tourism was independently established and further noticed in Iran.
International Patients Department (IPD)
A strategy which has been designated for medical tourism in other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, UAE (Dubai), and India is establishing and opening of International Patients Department (IPD) in hospital which has been accepted as an appropriate strategy at international level. In addition, Medical Tourism Bureau in Ministry of Health has required providers of medical services to establish a department for reception of foreign patients (IPD) in their medical center if they are to receive foreign patients since the beginning of 2014.
(IPD) is a unit in hospital that is tasked with creating necessary coordination to present all services to foreign patients and patients with special services. In fact, it is the hospital communication counter to foreign patients start from the first contact through receiving treatment process and returning to their homeland and receiving post-operational care.
General objectives for establishment of International Patients Department (IPD)
1- Supervision over giving high- quality and satisfactory services
2- Monitoring on giving services as early as possible with thorough observance of Medical Ethics and use of modern technology
Special goals of establishment of International Patients Department (IPD)
1- Improvement of qualitative level of medical and nursing services
2- Shorter waiting period for medical services
3- Reduced waiting time for para clinical services
4- Increase of satisfaction of physicians, personnel, and patients
Statement of duties of International Patients Department (IPD)
1- Responsiveness to patient through phone call, email, or through holding of conference with presence of therapist physician
2- Coordination with facilitator company
3- Coordination with reception ward for hospitalization of patient
4- Coordination with discharge ward to execute estimation of approximate cost for patient and notify it to the patient before trip
5- Coordination with IPD physician for initial visit and designation of receptionist physician
6- Coordination with Respect Ward about the way of welcoming of patient and his/her attendants in the hospital
7- Coordination with facilitator group for providing support and giving non-medical services outside hospital to patient and his/ her attendants including welcome services, airport sendoff, hotel, interpreter, and other welfare and touristic requirements
Committee of International Patients Department (IPD)
Policymaking and codification of goals for hospital about treatment of international patients
Members of committee

  •  Chairman of hospital
  • Director of hospital
  •  Department physician

The international Patients Department will be responsible for following through all the international patient- related medical services.
ü Hospital matron
ü Department expert
It is responsible for all non-medical services to the foreign patient and doing the task of coordination from reception of patient through post- discharge follow-up. In addition, it shall send minutes of IPD Committee that is held once every two months to the unit of medical tourism in the health department.

  •  Receptionist
  •  Discharge official
  •  Hospital website official

The discussion topics in IPD Committee at medical centers

  •  Percentage of satisfaction of patients hospitalized through International Patients Department (IPD)
  • Assessment of number of international patients on monthly basis
  • Period of hospitalization of patient until accomplishment of medical services and discharge
  • Definition of medical package: Definition of medical services provided and the cost of services to the patient is calculated globally by International Patients Department (IPD) and is informed approximately to the patient before hospitalization.

The principal members of committee, especially chairman of hospital, are required to attend the sessions.
Physical structure of hospital hoteling at center with IPD

  •  IPD ward

It is an office in which IPD expert resides.

  •  Specifications

Easy and convenient access available for international patient (preferably near hospital reception center)

  •  Hoteling for reception of international patients

Depending on policy of hospital, location of hospitalization may be:
1) A separate ward, 2) as a part in one of medical wards of hospital according to standards for giving hospital hoteling services approved by medical tourism office of health department
Structure of manpower in International Patients Department (IPD)
IPD expert's duties as one of the main elements in International Patients Department are as follows:

  •  Coordination with reception for hospitalization of patient
  •  Coordination with IPD physician for initial visit and designation of receptionist physician (patient’s therapist physician)
  •  Coordination with discharge ward to estimate treatment cost
  •  Coordination with disciplinary unit to how to behave with patient and attendant
  •  Coordination with facilitator group for coming to hospital and introducing it to the patient

All processes of coordination between this department and other hospital wards are done by IPD expert and in the case of arising of problem it will be addressed and resolved by hospital chairman.
IPD physician

  •  Visit of patient at initial hours of hospitalization
  •  Coordination with receptionist physician and receiving primary orders
  • Coordination with head nurse of the ward and nursing office for fulfillment of para clinical actions
  • Providing consultation to the patient as soon as possible
  • Patient’s daily visit
  •  Preparation of medical file abstract in English
  •  Follow up emergency events which may occur for patient during 24 hours

Patient care-giver team

  •  Translation of dialogues and conversations done between therapist team and patient
  • Communication with department expert to accelerate in meeting the medical and non- medical needs of patient
  • Accompaniment of patients depending on patient’s need round-the-clock
  •  Providing for medical and non-medical means required for treatment of patient outside hospital

 Ward secretary
She/he is someone who enjoys high level public relations skills in addition to work experiences and familiarity with all wards in hospital.
Ward nurses
They are from the best personnel inside hospital with the needed scientific and practical capability in giving all medical services to the patients and fluent in English.
Modality of reception of international patient

  •  Reception of patient by facilitator company party to contract with hospital
  •  Directly by one of patient’s friends and acquainted people in Iran without prior coordination
  •  Direct reception of patient through cyberspace (via internet)

 Specific services for international patients

  •  The international patients are recognizable distinctively.
  •  Providing the services needed by these patients out of normal service.
  •  Implementation of surgical operations without taking turn
  •  Entrance of interpreters by means of identification card through coordination with hospital security unit into special units is possible.
  •  Daily evaluation of satisfaction with the given services

Hospital personnel will be required to observe the above-said points.
Discharge process

  •  IPD expert is responsible for discharge of patient and preparation of medical file summary.
  •  Separate discharge mechanism will be designed for IPD patients.
  •  Patient shall have English medical file abstract including items as follows:

Reason for referral, initial diagnosis, and diagnostic and/ or medical measures, patient’s current status, the necessary actions and care that patient must take at his/ her place of residence, date of next medical exam
ü Presentation of consent evaluation form including the charge paid, email, and sound box of medical tourism department is obligatory.
Risk management and security of patient at medical centers with IPD
ü In order to give high- quality services at centers providing hygienic and medical services to international patients, observance of the minimum security standards for patient is necessary.


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