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PACS Services
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are a valuable tool for healthcare organizations, enabling physicians to quickly and easily share enterprise medical imaging reports electronically. Even as they become a standard platform at most facilities, their usefulness is growing as options such as a vendor neutral archive and other options are available.

Main Benefits of a PACS System
1-PACS’ digital images allow to zoom in, on images and manipulate them for better viewing and analysis
2-PACS can help reduce the number of duplicate images since previous results are available electronically, improving data management efficiency.
3-PACS facilitates quick and easy access to patient images and reports. With PACS, tests can be performed anywhere and results can be shared electronically with other remote facilities. A PACS also allows staff to remotely view images, submit reports, archive images and transport them if necessary via portable media
4- PACS allows physicians to acquire a chronological view of patients’ radiology histories, facilitating the comparison of a number of previous studies.
5- PACS has a number of add-ons available to make it even more user-friendly for staff and beneficial to patient care. Vendor neutral archives allow you to better organize your stored imaging data, with a centralized, accessible system that’s agnostic to database, operating system, image generating device and infrastructure. Peer Review allows for a seamless, efficient review of radiology cases within a physician’s daily workflow

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