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Forum of the Americas-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis-2017:

1. Is there an association between brain iron accumulations with blood iron metabolism markers in multiple sclerosis patients?

2. Which environmental factor is correlated with longt-term MS incidence trends: received ultra-violet B radiation or geomagnetic disturbances?

The 12th 
iranian congress on anatomical sciences-2016:

1. M1 muscarinic- immunoreactive neuron density increases by vitamin E treatment in rats` hippocampal CA1 area

2. Ginkgo biloba extract can decreases scopolamine- induced beta amyloid accumulation in the CA1 area of male rats hippocampus

3. hCG decreases phosphorylated Tau protein expression in male rats` hippocampus of AD model 

4. Investigation of protective effects cross-tolerance induction between nicotin and morphine on 6-OHDA induce cell damge in SH-SY5Y cells as in vitro model of Parkinson's disease

  Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress-2015:

1. Investigation of antioxident effect extract of citrus aurantium on 6-OHDA induce cell damage in SH-SY5Y cells 

First International Congress of Pain (TUMS) and 12th Scientific Congress of Iranian Pain society-2015:

Role of large-conductance, calcium and voltage activated potassium (BK) channeles in alpha-۲ adrenergic recptor mediated analgesia

The ۸th International Association of Neurorestoratology and ۱۲th GCNN Congress-2015:

1. Morphine Protects SH-SY۵Y Cells Against ۶-hydroxydopamine-Induced Cell Damage: Involvement of Antioxidant, Calcium blocking, and anti-apoptotic properties

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