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Most library users enter the portal to use library resources. In order to provide users with quicker information and guidance to reach the library's resources, we have divides the portal to 5 sections.
1-Simple search:
In simple search, the user has the possibility to simply access to the document by selecting the desired type of document. The user can select the desired search entry (field, title, author, etc.) and the type of search structure (word or phrase) and simply get the desired document. In this section there is also a possibility to review the documents. (Title, subject and author).
2-Advanced Search:
 The advanced search functionality is similar to simple search but with better features to expedite finding of users desired documents. The advanced search allows you to increase the accuracy of your search in three separate fields and make you faster on finding the desired document. In this section, you can also search according to the year of publication, location, language, and even search only for documents that have digital resources.
3-Full text search:
The full text search allows you to search within books with digital resources inside the library system, and displays search results to the word you want using highlighting. You also have the ability to change search within the book.
4-Digital resource search:
Digital resource search also allows you to search for titles of digital resources. In this section, you can also narrow down your search using the type of fields (text, video, audio, etc.); change the language, color, and type of archive material to quickly achieve the desired degree.


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