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Effectiveness of assertiveness training on social anxiety and happiness

Metabolic syndrome in patients with severe mental illness in Gorgan

Comparing the effects of 8-week treatment with fluoxetine and imipramine on fasting blood glucose of patients with major depressive disorder

Breastfeeding practices during the first month postpartum and associated factors: Impact on breastfeeding survival

Validation of the World Health Organization-5 well-being index; assessment of maternal well-being and its associated factors

Cross cultural adaptation, validity, and reliability of the farsi breastfeeding attrition prediction tools in Iranian pregnant women

Content validity of national post marriage educational program using mixed methods

Iranian adolescent girls' barriers in accessing sexual and reproductive health information and services: A qualitative study 

Iranian Adolescent Girls and Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Services: A Qualitative Study

The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Lifestyle with Job Satisfaction in Gorgan City Primary School Teachers

Prevalence of depression among infertile couples in Iran: a meta-analysis study

Development and adaptation of Iranian youth reproductive health questionnaire

Maternal psychological state during the transition to motherhood: A longitudinal study

Quality of life after cesarean and vaginal delivery

Comparing the quality of life and psychological state of multiparous and primiparous women in ante-and postnatal periods: A cohort study

Maternal Quality of life during the transition to motherhood

Do maternal quality of life and breastfeeding difficulties influence the continuation of exclusive breastfeeding?

Estimation of sexual behavior in the 18 to 24 years old Inranian youth based on a crosswise model study

Assessment of questionnaires measuring quality of life in infertile couples: A Systematic Review

Validation of the breastfeeding experience scale in a sample of Iranian mothers

Quality of life and its related factors in infertile couples

Depressive mood and disease activity in inflammatory bowel disease

Comparing the effects of fluoxetine and imipramine on total cholesterol, triglyceride, and weight in patients with major depression

Metabolic syndrome in patients with severe mental illness in Gorgan

Body Mass Index Dependent Metabolic Syndrome in Severe Mental Illness Patients

Personality characteristics in migraine and tension type headache

Teaching medical ethics: problem-based learning or small group discussion

Identification and Evaluation of Abused Children at Imam Hossein Hospital

A Comparative Survey of Anxiety Level in Primary School Children with Working and Unemployed Mothers in North of Iran; 2013

Depression and Quality of life in patients with type 2 Diabets

Preoperative anxiety in candidates for heart surgery

Estimating the avoidable burden of certain modifiabale risk factors in osteoporotic hip fracture using generalized impact fraction (GIF) model in Iran

A Suggested Prototype for Assessing Bone Health

Mental health of urban women aged 15 years old and older in Gorgan City and its related factors

Effect of smelling lavender essence on anxiety and some physiologic parameters of open heart surgery candidates (Article in Persian)

A comparison of periodental indexes in persons with depression disorder and without depression disorder (Article in Persian)

Comparison of the costs of services provided in urban and rural Health Care Centers in Shahroud (article in Persian)

Assesssing Iranian adolescent girls' needs for sexual and reproductive health information: A qualitative study (Article in Persian)

Prevalence of domestic violence against women in Bandar Abbas (Article in Persian)

Effect of clinical intervention on behavioral problems of abused children (Article in Persian)

Child Abuse and Related Risk Factors in Clients Referred to Children's Hospitals in Bandar-Abbas

Assessment of Personal and Social Characteristics of Self-Introduced ‎Addicts in Bandar Gaz

Depression and quality of life in patients with type 2 diabete

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