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Management plans approved by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology

Research Projects in 2011

1_ Study students' satisfaction of Golestan University online course selection system in 90-91 years

2_ The effect of prenatal preparation classes on pregnancy-related anxiety in nulliparous pregnant women referred to health centers in one of the 89

3_ Evaluate the effects of time and temperature on blood gas parameters in patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit cardiac Hospital Kirkcaldy in 1389

4_ Evaluation of Educational Justice at the University of Medical Sciences in Year 90

5_ Prognosis of trauma patients admitted to the emergency hospital in the fifth Azar new scale predictor of schools in 1389

6_ The effect of changes in body position in and out of bed early on some of the complications of catheterization detected heart

7_ The relationship between motivation and motivational priorities of employees working in hospitals of Golestan University of Medical Sciences

8_ Effect of sodium and Avltraqyltrasyvn on some of the most common complications in dialysis patients admitted to hospital during the 5th Azar

 9_ The theoretical explanation of the process of adopting preventive lifestyle in type 1 diabetics: Grand Theory 

10_ The knowledge and attitudes, perceived obstacles in the prevention of pressure ulcers in intensive care teaching hospitals affiliated to Golestan University of Medical Sciences 

11_ Investigate factors related to academic failure Golestan University of Medical Sciences during 1387-1389

12_ Theoretical explanation of the process of clinical errors in medical student and providing a model

13_ Evaluate the psychometric characteristics of "Uncivil behavior" in the work environment of nurses Golestan Province

14_ Unofficial explain the phenomenological experience of caring for seniors with Alzheimer's disease: Gorgan in 90

15_The concept of health from the perspective of seniors living in Golestan Province

16_ Check moral distress in nurses working in intensive care units and emergency treatment centers in Golestan province in 1390

Research Projects in 2012

1_ Effect of topical cooling and injection duration on bruising and pain at the site of subcutaneous injection of sodium in patients admitted to hospital Anvksa Parini 5 Azar

2_ Compare antibacterial effect of chlorhexidine mouthwash 2.0% and Matrica (Chamomile) and normal saline in patients admitted to the ICU of Hospital five Azar

3_ Review of lavender oil inhalation on patients undergoing open heart surgery at the hospital anxiety and cortisol concentration Ali (AS) in 90-91 Kordkoy

4_ Comparison of three methods to investigate endotracheal tube suctioning with normal saline, N-acetylcysteine ​​and without them on the arterial blood oxygen saturation, hemodynamic and fluid volume intubated patients admitted to intensive care unit 

5_ The prevalence of postpartum depression and its relationship with stressful life events in women referred to health centers Aliabad city in 1392 

6_ Cool mist effect on hoarseness, sore throat and cough caused by the removal of the endotracheal tube in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass open heart surgery in intensive care Amir Kordkoy in 1392

7_ The effect of coconut oil gavage over the deaths of poisoned patients admitted to the emergency hospital with rice tablet Baharloo in 1391

8_ The manifestation of puberty education and sexuality mothers Gorgan

9_ Check the level of consciousness in comatose patients who organized auditory stimulation hospitalized in intensive care with head trauma hospital in 5th Azar

10_ Comments student in the field of mental health in the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

11_ The use of catheters in the emergency department of hospital nursing care guideline Five Azar: study, action research

12_ English class anxiety and self-esteem relationship between nursing and midwifery students of Golestan University of Medical Sciences

13_ Explain and design an elderly compatibility with the elderly in health care centers University of Medical Sciences (grant)

14_ Examine the relationships between individual, family, social and economic life satisfaction in Gorgan, 1391 (fellowship)

Research Projects in 2014

1_Tasyrmraqbt comprehensive review of oral oral hygiene changes in intubated patients admitted to intensive care units at hospitals in Gorgan 1392

2_ The relationship between the depth of anesthesia pain and postoperative nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing elective abdominal surgery in the hospital 5 Zrgrgan

3_ Comparative study of life in patients with hypertension with normal population Gomishan city in 1392

4_ Job stress and coping strategies in nurses specialized teaching hospitals affiliated to Golestan University of Medical Sciences in 1392

5_ Comparison of the efficacy of therapeutic oxygen mask over the nose catheter arterial oxygen saturation, nausea and vomiting and patient comfort during cesarean section under spinal anesthesia in patients in Shohada Hospital Dome in 93-92 years

6_ The effect of relaxation on anxiety and pain in patients with tension-type headache (referred to teaching hospitals of Golestan University of Medical Sciences in 1393)

7_ The effect of chamomile tea on dyspnea and anxiety in patients with chronic heart failure Clinic city of art arranged in 1392

8_ The relationship between emotional intelligence and sense of well-being in nursing and midwifery students of Golestan University of Medical Sciences 

9_ Effect of palliative care and routine care to the satisfaction of incurable cancer patients in hospitals Firoozgar and family members of the martyrs of Rehabilitation Tehran

10_ Prevalence of Hypertension and its relation to age, sex and body mass index in adults over 30 years of Aq Qala city in 1392

11_ Anesthesiology Students explain the clinical experience of Golestan University of Medical Ethics in the operating room

Research Projects in 2015

1_ Type A and B in patients with a behavioral pattern of migraine headaches compared with healthy people referred to training centers in Mani University of Medical Sciences in 1393  

2_ Comparison of different techniques on turning breech fetus in pregnant women referred to health centers in Gorgan in 1393

3_ Nutritional status in hemodialysis patients with different methods of nutritional screening in 5th Azar hospital dialysis unit in 1393

4_ Quality of life after delivery in women referred to health centers in rural areas Gonbad-e Qabus 1393

5_ Prevalence of urinary tract infection and its relation to dietary habits in children under two years Taleghani hospital in Gorgan, 1393

6_ The prevalence of potential drug interactions in pediatric intensive care units in 93 hospitals in Isfahan Imam Hussein

7_ Camel milk effects on glycemic control in diabetic pregnant Clinic Hospital Sayyad Shirazi in 1392

8_ To investigate domestic violence and its related factors in pregnant mothers stigma in 1393 

9_ Comparative study of the attitudes of nurses and nursing students internship at the University of Medical Sciences in spirituality and spiritual care in 1393

10_ The effectiveness of narrative writing their fathers on stress in neonatal intensive care units of hospitals in Golestan University of Medical Sciences in 1393

11_ The effect of probiotic yogurt on blood sugar and cardiovascular biomarkers in patients with type II diabetes referred to diabetes clinic in the city of Gorgan in 1393

12_ Comparative study of the effect of foot reflexology and acupressure on physiological parameters in patients with acute coronary syndrome admitted to the cardiac intensive care units of hospitals of Golestan University of Medical Sciences

13_ Comparative study of the effect of telephone follow-up injection with and without glycated hemoglobin levels in patients with type II diabetes referred to diabetes clinic five Azar Hospital in 1393

14_ Explanation of self-care behaviors in elderly care centers in Gorgan

15_ Therapeutic effect of drawing on the memory of the victims elderly referred to the center of Gorgan in 1393

16_ Painting effect of treatment of memory decline in patients with dementia, the Alzheimer's Association's House Valzaymr Tehran in 1393

Research Projects in 2016

1_ Delivered in partnership with the patient's bedside nursing shifts "on patient satisfaction and nurse in the CCU Hospital Ali (as) Kordkoy in 1394

2_ The effects of inhaling essential oils of jasmine on anxiety level of cortisol in the fields of general surgery patients before laparotomy 5th Azar Hospital in 1394

3_ Mindfulness-based stress relieving job stress, health centers Azar

4_ The effect of telephone follow-up after discharge (telenursing) Brbstry re-caused complications after coronary artery bypass graft surgery in patients martyr Rajai Heart hospital in 1394 "

5_ To evaluate the effect of nursing care and nurse satisfaction and patient care primer on knowledge of the patient from the care sector open heart surgery hospital in Babol University of Medical Sciences in 1394

6_ Explain the perception of nurses concerning professional autonomy in nursing

7_ Explore experiences of nurses and patients in teaching hospitals of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in 1394

8_ Phenomenological analysis of the experiences of patients with neurofibromatosis 

9_ Investigate the relationship between parenting style and self-esteem perceived their mothers control Bamnb city high school students Kordkoy

10_ The Effect of pilates training on self-reported happiness and professional nurses working in intensive care units and emergency medical centers affiliated to University of Medical Sciences in 1394 

 Research Projects in 2016

1_ Public health surveys of life satisfaction and quality of life of elderly patients with coronary artery disease in Gonbad-e Qabus city hospitals in 1395

2_ The effect of lifestyle modification training program on compliance with the treatment of patients with hypertension in the Spanish martyr Sayyad Shirazi referred to the training center in 1394

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