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V.hasani (m.d), M.m.mirsamadi (m.d), E.hasheminezhad (md),
Volume 3, Issue 1 (Spring & Summer 2001)

One of the major determinative of the outcome of the ophthalmologic surgeries, is how efficiency the anesthesiologist can lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) and prevent it from rising in response to such maneuvers as laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation. In our study, we have chosen Midazolam and Propofol for comparing their effects on IOP during induction of anesthesia, laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation, with the purpose of identifying the drug which can more effectively decrease IOP and prevent it’s during laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation. 100 patients were selected randomly and received either Midazolam 0.2 mg/kg, Sufentanil 0.2 microgram/kg, Atracurium 0.5 mg/kg (Group 1) or Propofol 2.5 mg/kg, Sufentanil 0.2 microgram/kg, Atracurium 0.5 mg/kg (Group 2). The IOP was measured before and after induction and immediately after intubation. Both groups showed a meaningful decrease in IOP following induction of anesthesia (P?0.0001). Laryngoscopy and intubation, increased IOP in group 1, however not significantly and still lower than the base line IOP (P=0.09). Group 2 showed no such increase (P<0.0001). We concluded that Propofol in comparison to Midazolam is more effective in prevention of IOP rise in response to laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation.
Nahid Ghotbi (md), Sabbah Hasani (md), Ebrahim Ghaderi (msc),
Volume 10, Issue 3 (10-2008)

Background and Objective: Zinc is one of the micronutrient with many roles in health, especially among the growing children. It has been thought that Zinc deficiency cause diarrhea, and Zinc supplementation can prevent it in children. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out to determine the effect of Zinc sulphat on 4-24 month old children dirrahea. This clinical trial study was done double blind, the sample were study 4-24 month old afflicted with acute diarrhea in pediatric ward of Besat Hospital in Sanandaj, Iran during 2006. The sample size was 40 and mached by Blocks Randomization. The children in case group (intervention) received Zinc sulfate (9mg/kg/day) during ten days. In the Control groups they there given distilled water instead. The data was analyzed, using t-test and manwitney test. Results: During ten days of monitoring there was not significant differences between two groups. Duration of diarrhea in case and control groups was 5.72±3.15 and 5.32±2.58 days respectivley this diffence was not significant. Conclusion: This study showed that Zinc sulfate has no benefit on acute diarrhea in childhood
Morteza Jarrahi (msc), Mahdi Zahedi Khorasani (phd), Masoud Ajorloo (md), Abbas Ali Taheriayn (md),
Volume 11, Issue 1 (3-2009)

Background and Objective: Aloe barbadensis Miller plant was used for treatment of wound healing in traditional medicine. However it has different and sometimes contradictory effects. In this study the effect of Aloe barbadensis Miller gel on skin incisional wound healing in Rat was investigated. Materials and Methods: In this experimental study, forty male wistar Rats were randomly divided into 4 experimental groups including: sham operated, control and two treatment groups. Under deep anesthesia, an incision (3cm, full thickness) was made over skin of the back in Rats. The animals of sham group received no treatment. Control group received topical cold cream twice per day (from beginning to end of experiment) and treatment groups' similarliy received topical Aloe barbadensis Miller gel mixed with cold cream (25% and 75%). For computing the percent of wound healing, the area of wound measured at the days 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 after beginning of experiments. Results: Aloe barbadensis Miller gel at concentration 25% and 75% significantly improved wound healing at 12th day and 8, 10 and 12th days, respectively in comparison with control group. Conclusion: This study indicated that local administration of Aloe barbadensis Miller gel, accelerate the skin incisional wound healing in Rat. This healing is related to the gel concentration.
Mahjoob M (msc), Heraviyan J (phd), Ansari H (msc), Jajarmi N, Hasaniyani F,
Volume 13, Issue 4 (12-2011)

Background and Objective: It is well accepted that accommodation system is characterized by steady state error in focus. Usually near addition lenses are prescribed to prepresbyopic individual for treatment of binocular motor problems such as convergence excess and accommodative disorder. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the near addition lenses in accommodative and vergence responses at three viewing distances. Materials and Methods: This semi-experimental study was done on 42 students of 17-25 years old in Zahedan, South-Eastern Iran during 2009. After correction of refractive error, phoria states with APCT and binocular and monocular lag of accommodation by MEM method with and without +2.00 lenses in three difference distances (30, 40, 50 cm) was measured. Data analyzed by ANOVA, t-student and paired t-tests. Results: There was significant difference between average of lag of accommodation and phoria at various distances, with and without lens (P<0.05). Also, there was significant difference between mean of lag in 3 fixation distance (P<0.017). There was no significant difference between average of lag of accommodation and phoria at various distances in three group of refractive error. Conclusion: Our results showed that, near addition lens reduce the lag of accommodation. It is proposed, therefore, according to near emmetropization theory addition lenses may be effective in reducing of the myopia progression.
Mahjoob M (msc), Validam Mh (md), Azimi Khorasani A (phd), Shahrakipoor M (phd), Momeni Moghadam H (msc), Nejati J (msc), Tavakoli A (bsc), Moradgholi M (bsc), Kamali P (bsc), Sargazi M (bsc),
Volume 14, Issue 2 (6-2012)

Background and Objective: Glaucoma is one of the most important cause of blindness wordwide. Exact determination of intra ocular pressure is important for the diagnosis and decision making about glaucoma treatment. Central corneal thickness is considered as effective factor on intra ocular pressure and visual field defect. This study was carried out to determine the relationship between central corneal thickness, intra ocular pressure and visual field in normal tension and primary open angle glaucoma. Materials and Methods: This descriptive study was carried out on 45 eyes with normal tension glaucoma and 45 eyes with primary open angle glaucoma in Al-Zahra ophthalmology hospital in Zahedan, Iran during 2010. Intra ocular pressure and central corneal thickness were measured by Goldman tonometer and pachymeter and visual field exanimated by Humphrey perimeter. Data were analyzed using SPSS-16, paired t-test, ANOVA, Mann–Whitney and Pearson corlateion tests. Results: There was significant correlation between central corneal thickness and intra ocular pressure (r=0.309, P<0.05). A significant difference was detected in intra ocular pressure between two type of glaucoma (P<0.05). Mean value of central corneal thickness in patient with mild visual field defect was higher than severe visual field defect but there was not significant statistical difference between central corneal thickness and visual field defect in subjects with glaucoma. Conclusion: This study indicated that increasing corneal thickness is accompanied with intra occular presure.
Hajihasani Ah, Bahrpeyma F , Bakhtiari Ah, Taghikhani M,
Volume 14, Issue 3 (10-2012)

Background and Objective: Adiponectin is an adipocyte-secreted hormone. Low levels of Adiponectin may indicate the insulin resistance and development of diabetes. The regular exercise therapy induces insulin resistance to be reduced. Glucose uptake increase in muscles, increased adiponectin levels and decreased of HbA1c in diabetic patients. This study was designed to evaluated the effect of down-hill and up-hill running exercises on the adiponectin and serum glucose in type-2 diabetic patients. Materials and Methods: This clinical trial study was conducted on 28 patients (13 male and 15 female), age 40 to 60 years, with type-2 diabetes, in neuromuscular rehabilitation research center, Semnan, Iran during 2009. Participants were assigned randomly in one of the two experimental groups, eccentric or concentric exercise using treadmill. Before and after control and intervention period, glucose, HbA1c and adiponectin serum were measured in both groups. Data were analyzed using SPSS-18, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Repeated Measures ANOVA, Tukey and independent t tests. Results: Eccentric and concentric exercise significantly decreased glucose, HbA1c and also increased adiponectin levels (P<0.05) in type-2 diabetic patients. However, eccentric exercise also significantly reduced glucose and HbA1c and increased adiponectin levels compared to the concentric exercise (P<0.05). Conclusion: This study showed that eccentric exercise are more effective than concentric exercise to reduce and control the blood glucose level and improve serum adiponectin in type-2 diabetes mellitus patients.
Hakimjavadi M, Gholamali Lavasani M, Shakouri Hr, Abdolahifar A, Momeni F,
Volume 17, Issue 1 (3-2015)

Background and Objective: Hyperactivity / attention deficit disorder (ADHD) with 3-5% is the most common disorder in children. This study was done to compare the efficacy of behavioral, medicinal and combination of behavioral and medicinal therapy on reduction of ADHD symptoms in children. Methods: This quasi-experimental study was carried out on 40 male elementary students with ADHD in Gorgan, Northern Iran during 2011-12. Subjects were divided into the four groups including control, behavioral, medicinal (Ritalin 10 mg three times per day) and combination of behavioral and medicinal therapy. Conner's Rating Scale for parents (home) and teachers (school) were used in pretest-posttest spot after 8 weeks therapy. Results: After intervention ADHD symptoms significantly reduced in behavioral, medicinal and combination of behavioral and medicinal therapy in compared to controls (P<0.05), but this reduction was more in medicinal and combination of behavioral and medicinal therapy groups than behavioral group. Conclusion: Medicinal and combination of behavioral and medicinal therapy has the same efficacy in reducing ADHD symptoms in children.
Momenabadi S , Zahedi Khorasani M , Vakili A,
Volume 17, Issue 3 (10-2015)

Background and Objective: Several studies have shown that inhalation of Lavandula angustifolia L. (Lavender) reduces hypertension, while systemic effects and mechanism of action of lavender oil on blood pressure is not clear. This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of intravenous and ntraperitoneal injection of Lavandula angustifolia L. oil on normal blood pressure in male rats. Methods: In this experimental study, 70 male Wistar rats were randomly allocated into 10 groups (n=7). Following anesthetizing the animals with sodium thiopental, femoral artery and vein were cannulated respectively for recording blood pressure and injection of Lavandula angustifolia L. oil. Lavender oil or its vehicle (Propylene glycol) was injected by intravenous (25, 50 and 100 mg/kg/bw) or intraperitoneal injection (500mg/kg/bw). For the evaluation of the mechanism of Lavender oil, L-NAME (4mg/kg/bw), atropine (1mg/kg/bw), indomethacin (5 mg/kg/bw) or saline was injected intraperitoneally before intravenous administration of Lavender angustifolia L. oil. Results: Intravenous injection of Lavender oil of 25 and 50 mg/kg/bw reduced arterial blood pressure in compare to control group (P<0.05) and dose of 50 mg/kg/bw was more effective than dose of 25 mg/kg/bw (P<0.05). 100 mg/kg/bw of Lavender angustifolia L. oil caused serious fall of blood pressure and resulted in animal death. Intraperitoneally injection of Lavender angustifolia L. oil at dose of 500 mg/kg reduced arterial blood pressure that this reduction was longer than intravenously administration of Lavender oil (P<0.05). Intraperitoneal injection of L-NAME, atropine or indomethacin had no significant effect on baseline of blood pressure and hypotensive effect of Lavender angustifolia L. oil. Conclusion: Intravenous injection of Lavandula angustifolia L. oil in doses of 25 and 50 mg/kg/bw reduced arterial blood pressure in rat, but intraperitoneally injection of Lavender oil at dose of 500 mg/kg/bw prolonged the reduction of blood pressure in animals.
Hajihasani Ah , Hedayati R , Ehsani F,
Volume 18, Issue 2 (6-2016)

Background and Objective: Low back pain is a common musculoskeletal disorder. Core stability exercises have been recommended to improve neuromuscular skeletal system function in order to increase the protection of vertebral column and improve functional activities. This study was done to evaluate the effect of core stability and general exercise on functional activity in non- specific low back pain patients.

Methods: In this clinical trail study, sixty patients with chronic low back pain were randomly divided into general exercise (n=30) and core stability (n=30) groups. The protocol of intervention included 4 weeks (3 sessions in week) of designed exercise for each group. The functional activities were measured before and after intervention.

Results: Functional activity indicators were significantly increased in core stability exercise compared to general exercise (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Core stability exercise is more effective than general exercise to improve functional activities in patients with non-specific low back pain.

M Sasani , Sh Khoramnejadian , R Safari ,
Volume 19, Issue 2 (7-2017)

Background and Objective: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are the most important organic pollutants that causing multiple side effects including carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxicity. Among the aromatic compounds degrading bacteria, pseudomonas produce board spectrum of degrading enzymes and are used, as biological tools, for decreasing of PAHs. This study was done to evaluate the degradation of polycyclic hydrocarbones anthracene by using Pseudomonas aeruginusa.

Methods: In this descriptive – analytic study, sampling was collected from river estuary sediment and had cultured in Minimal Salt Medium (MSM). Pseudomonas aeruginosa was one of the isolated bacteria from river sediment which identified by molecular technique. In next step, influence of pH (6.5 and 7.5) temperature (25 and 35°C) and concentration of anthracene (150 and 200 ppm) were surveyed on anthracene biodegradation and bacterial growth during zero, 24 and 48 hours by HPLC and spectrophotometry method respectively.

Results: The results showed that the optimized condition for biodegradation included pH=7.5, 35°C and 150 ppm of anthracene. Bacterial degradation of anthracene was increased with prolong of incubation time. Biodegradation efficiency of anthracene in the presence of pseudomonas was 50% within 2 days, which indicates the ability of the bacteria for the enzymes production.

Conclusion: High growth potential of pseudomonas in unsuitable areas and due to the production of degrading enzymes, it can be used as indicator bacteria used to remove anthracene.

Firoozeh Derakhshanpour , Masoumeh Eslami , Leila Kashani , Mahdi Asani ,
Volume 23, Issue 2 (7-2021)

Background and Objective: Chronic hypertrophy of tonsils and adenoids is the most prevalent cause of sleep apnea in children, leading to multiple behavioral disorders. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a heterogeneous disorder caused by adverse biological, social and psychological conditions. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of adenotonsillectomy on ADHD symptoms in children with adenotonsillar hypertrophy before and six months after the surgery.
Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was performed on 37 children with adenoid hypertrophy in Gorgan, north of Iran during 2018. The data gathering tool was a two-part questionnaire; the first part contained personal data (age, gender), and the second part included the strengths and difficulties checklist. Patients were placed in three groups of hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity based on 18 criteria of Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental disorders. The questionnaires were completed directly by the project performers. Information was collected from the parents. The strengths and difficulties questionnaire (SDQ) was used to assess children before and six months after the adenotonsillectomy surgery.
Results: The average and standard deviation of scores in subscales of emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity-inattention, peer relationship problems and prosocial behavior were improved, also a significant difference was observed between SDQ scores before and after adenotonsillectomy (P<0.05).
Conclusion: Adenotonsillectomy can significantly reduce the SDQ score. Therefore, in children with hyperactivity, a medical disorder such as adenoid hypertrophy can cause the onset, exacerbation and persistence of the disease. Proper treatment can be a major factor in controlling the severity of symptoms and even in improving the patient’s recovery.

Fateme Nekooyan , Fatemeh Nazari , Shahla Abolhasani , Mohammad Javad Tarrahi ,
Volume 25, Issue 3 (10-2023)

Background and Objective: Physical disability caused by multiple sclerosis (MS) increases MS patients' need for support from others. Medication adherence is one of the main success factors in the treatment of chronic diseases, which is influenced by various factors. This study aimed to determine the relationship between perceived social support and medication adherence in patients with MS.
Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was conducted on 110 patients (70 women and 40 men) aged 39±9 years with MS who visited the 2 medical training centers of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Kashani and Al-Zahra), Isfahan, Iran during 2021. After sampling by the systematic random method, the data were collected by interviews and using Zimmet's Perceived Social Support Scale (MSPSS) and the Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS-8).
Results: The mean and standard deviation of the scores of medication adherence and perceived social support were 6.10±1.72 and 62.83±14.97, respectively. According to the Pearson correlation coefficient, perceived social support did not show any significant relationship with medication adherence (r=0.185, P=0.053). Perceived social support showed a statistically significant relationship with income satisfaction (F=4.54, P=0.01), the pattern of clinical course (F=2.95, P=0.03), difficulty in accessing medical care (t=-2.29, P=0.02), and clinical symptoms, including motor (t=-3.72, P=0.001), balance (t=-3.23, P=0.002), and urinary disorders (t=-2.53, P=0.01).
Conclusion: Perceived social support in patients with MS did not cause medication adherence.

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