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  Office of International Affairs
Nowadays progress in the field of technology is very important to enhance development of the sciences. Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established to communicate and collaborate with universal divisions for increasing globalization. It has been proven that the civilization of science technology is twisted with the countries’ level of interaction in the course of scientific information. Therefore, acting towards this matter, it is crucial for GOUMS to develop a separate section within the research departments for Scholarship issues and the international affairs.
Certain responsibilities would be held by this section, such as:
Present regularly updated information of national congresses held outside GOUMS, providing the university’s lectures and students with certain facilities to enable them attending the useful congress and seminars from both local and/or foreign countries, prepare relevant documentation for all sabbatical leaves, Coordinate all activities between GOUMS and the OIA within the Ministry of Health, inviting and hosting local and foreign experts to GOUMS, and also close contracts with other well known universities, divisions and research centers with high power over the scientific researches and technical achievements.
All this activities would help to introduce the GOUMS to other civilized countries and also improve the knowledge university’s researchers and other employees.

email: oia_drt@goums.ac.ir

Ali Memarian, Ph.D
Office of International Affairs Manager

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