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Welcome to the Clinical Research Development Unit (CRDU), 5 azar Hospital, Golestan University of Medical Sciences,

History of supporting the development of clinical research:

Clinical Research is of great importance due to its impact on treatment and prevention of diseases, description of new and rare diseases, controlling regionally common diseases, and feasibility of effective interventions. However, there are several obstacles for utilizing research tools and benefiting from its results. Recent investigations in Iranian Universities of Medical Sciences have shown that despite the vastness and variety of subjects for clinical research studies and existing incentive policies, the amount of conducted studies is not desirable. Given that qualitative and quantitative improvement of clinical research in universities depends on capabilities of clinical faculty members and promotion of their knowledge and skills in designing, implementation and utilization of the results of such studies, this research center aimed to provide necessary requirements for expansion and development of clinical research studies in the Golestan University of Medical Sciences. 

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